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CK Super Soups!

CK Super Soups!

When the weather starts to get cooler (or in South Mississippi it gets cooler and hot all in the same day), we start wanting to pull out the sweatshirts a get cozy! It's soup season! At Clean Kitchen, we like to get a lot of bang for our buck when it comes to the food we eat. One way to really amp up the nutritional profile of a soup is to use real-deal bone broth. No, not the box stock or broth you can buy at the store. Bone broth has become pretty popular and for good reason, it is LOADED with nutrients and minerals that only comes from the slow cooking of the bones. But before you turn your nose up at the thought of drinking bone broth hear me out. This is what your grandmothers and great-mothers used in their stocks for soups back in the day. You know the whole "eat chicken noodle soup when you sick idea?" Well, that is actually when people used bone broth for their soups. Nowadays the canned stock kind doesn't have anything remotely close to the nutrients of bone broth soups and will not help you kick that nasty cold! If you need a little more information on the healing powers of bone broth, check out this article. And if you are interested in learning how to make you own bone broth it is pretty simple. Check out my first experience making bone broth and the recipe I used here! Otherwise grocery stores like, Corner Market in Hattiesburg do sell Bone Broth!

If you can not find bone broth, these soups will work with regular stock and taste just fine.

The nutritional profile will change though. Just use what ever you have because these soups are AMAZING with either. Click on the links below for the recipes!

These are easy recipes, using simple ingredients. You can whip these up in no time!


Veggie Soup

Go ahead and do yourself a favor and make a double batch! Freeze whatever you do not eat because this is a perfect freezer emergency meal! Cook Time: 15-20 minutes, or longer depending on how soft you want the veggies. You really can't mess this up! spicybeanchili1_title8x5

Spicy Bean Chili

This one was inspired by all the non-meat-loving-women out there. You are not necessarily “vegetarian,” but you could claim it based off of the fact you just do not like to eat meat. If you are one of those I-could-be-a-vegetarian-but-I -still-eat-animal-stuff-people, then this soup is for you. You can also add 1 pound of ground meat to this if you are not opposed to eating animal meat🙂. Cooking time: 2 hours broccolisoup_title8x5

Crock Pot Broccoli Cream Soup

This is a "broccoli and cheese" soup revamp! We've bumped up the protein and nutrients by using bone broth as our base. Instead of cheddar cheese and heavy cream, we used fat free cream cheese and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on top. Bump up the protein even more with using Greek Cream Cheese! So so yummy. Even though this soup does not have a meat protein source, it still packs 18.5 grams of protein in one serving! Cook time: 5 hours lasagnasoup_centertitle8x5

Lasagna Soup

No this does not have pasta in it, BUT if the kiddos wanted it (or even you), just throw in some whole wheat pasta and call it a post workout meal! This has all the flavor of lasagna but is way easier to make. This is basically the Clean Kitchen Spaghetti Sauce recipe with an extra 4 cups of broth added to it and a special cheese mixture to dollop on top. Cook time: 20 minutes eggdropsoup_title8x5

Egg Drop Soup

This might be the fastest meal ever. And it packs some great vitamins and minerals using chicken bone broth, and boost the protein to 24 grams! Best thing is it’s a one serving meal. In a bind for what to make for dinner or quick lunch? This comes together so fast, with a few ingredients. Cook time: 5-7 minutes