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Bubble Busted

We are about to bust your bubble!

On our Instagram account @vsccleankitchen we make these post comparing known junk food to other so-called-healthier foods. You may think these foods claiming low fat, fat free, all natural, organic, whole grain, etc, are healthier or the better options for you, but in reality it is no better than the junk food!

What started as a quest to show how much sugar is in foods claiming to be healthy, has now turned into a really fun game for us a Clean Kitchen. Though we know you may not be laughing now, in the end it is for the best. You need to learn how to read labels, or better yet, eat foods without labels. You need to understand sugar is the real killer of health! If you really want to learn how to shop and plan healthy meals for you and your family, take a look at our 12 Week Challenge! We promise a complete brain re-train on what you think it means to eat and be healthy!

Keep checking back for when we update the gallery. But if you want them sooner, follow us on Instagram @vsccleankitchen! All the nutritional information is using nutritionix.com or package nutrition facts.