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Clean Kitchen Challenge

Clean Kitchen is not a “diet.” It is lifestyle coaching that will change your habits and the way you think about food for life. Using our habit-based method, we change the way you choose the foods you eat and create consistency to build the health and body composition of your dreams.

The Clean Kitchen Challenge App hosts several features to help you start your journey to a better body and health, and keep you on track as you go along. Once in the CK App you can join the CK Community Monthly Membership!

CK Community Membership cost $6 your first month,
and $10 per month thereafter to keep your CK Community account.

What is included in your monthly CK Community Membership:

• Access to the Community Chat Feed where coaches and clients interact with one another. Make posts, ask questions and receive feedback on a daily basis.

• Weekly coach chat episodes discussing a range of topics from eating habits to exercise, and anything in between.

• Daily Habit Tracker where you will track your consistency of the 5 Big Habits of CK.

• Daily Food Log to keep up with your food intake.Progress Tracker where you can upload measurements and pictures.

• Access to our entire CK Recipe Library— this is the only place to view our recipes, as well as use filters to search for recipes based off of food type and cooking method. And when we create new recipes, this is where they will be!

• Access to enroll in any of the CK Courses — including our flagship course, Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge! Once you are a member of the CK Community, you have option to purchase any of our CK Courses and begin the course when ever you want.

• Access to hire a CK Coach as your personal coach.

• Access to our library of published articles written by Clean Kitchen coaches.

• Staying a CK Community member means you will always have access to all you course material you have purchased.

Change your habits, and change your life.

All diets work. But your habits mirror the condition of your life-long health and body composition. If your goal is just to lose weight, then go for it whatever diet gimmick you want to try. No one should judge you.

But if your goal is actually to keep it off for life you are going to have to rethink the approach and become someone with different habits. Clean Kitchen will teach you how to implement planning, cooking, and lifestyle strategies to make healthy habits a normal part of your lifestyle.

Join the CK Community

Our Clients

The Clean Kitchen Program speaks for itself through our clients. The success of our clients is not because of our superior knowledge or any tricks.

It's simple consistency in the 5 Big Habits of Clean Kitchen and the support of your coaches and CK Community members.

No counting. No weighing food.

Just learning how to fill the "meal habits" without stress.

Client Progress Pictures