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Pack Your Backpack for the Journey

Our greatest defense in life is preparation.  When a hiker goes on a journey, they fill their backpack with food, medicine, a survival kit, etc. They do this, not because they plan to get lost or hurt, but just in case. A hiker is naive if they neglect to be...

Courtney McArthur

I have lost about 17 inches overall and about 13 lbs, but more important than that, my mental health with food and fitness is in the best place it's been since I was probably 12 years old (I'm 33)!

Gannon Pierce

What Clean Kitchen did for me is changed my mindset of food and through the 12 weeks my tastebuds changed. I enjoy eating what is a healthier choice now. I broke the addiction of sugar, bad fats, and bad carbs. Now don’t get me wrong I still get those cravings but I view them differently. I now view them for what they are doing to my body.

Abbie Hendley

Now, 12 weeks later, I’m down 12 pounds and a total of 8 inches and I feel amazing. I am happy. I am strong. I love myself. I have learned how to take care of my body and mind in a way that I can manage for the rest of my life. All thanks to the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge!!

You Gotta Be Ready

“You gotta be ready.” The situation at hand has escalated really quickly. We went from thinking, oh this is “just the flu” to “oh wow there is no way to stop it from spreading” in a matter of days. People are worried about the “what ifs”. Worried toilet paper will...

Whitney Walton

Well, you know how you pray for a sign, and the sign he is giving you isn’t really one you want to explore? Yea, that was me with the Clean Kitchen Challenge. Treadmills, ellipticals, and weighted hula-hoops OH MY! This was my idea of health before my life with Clean...

Karla Durr

There has never been a time when I did not struggle with my weight. Before starting Clean Kitchen and Versus, I had tried everything under the sun and had some success, but the weight always came back. Throughout high school and college, I was eating out constantly and doing whatever...

Two Point Whoa

Can I be obnoxiously loud for a second? THE MAGIC OF THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOUND IN THE WEIGHT LOST. It’s a great byproduct, and you will move more and feel better than you ever have… but, the results really come from the program’s ability to draw a very clear path, encourage you to build habits that help you stay on that path and more importantly - help you realize that you are capable of way more than you might think.

Pineapple Chicken Skewers

Pineapple Chicken Skewers are perfect for summer grilling! We combine sweet pineapple with the hint of coconut using J. Olive Co. Coconut Balsamic and Coconut Aminos marinade for a flavor soooo delicious!

CK Book List

Be the "forever student." These are some of my favorite books and resources that have given me nuggets of information along my coaching-way when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle habits, but also I feel like the majority of you would find these beneficial as well!