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CK Super Soups!

When the weather starts to get cooler (or in South Mississippi it gets cooler and hot all in the same day), we start wanting to pull out the sweatshirts a get cozy! It's soup season! At Clean Kitchen, we like to get a lot of bang for our buck when...

Eating out in the Burg

Eating out or on-the-go can be tricky if you get caught off guard. The problem is not the food offered, it’s our own will power to pick the right foods for our bodies. Even if you are not super conscious of your food quality, you know when you are eating...

multiple recipes from the same ingredients

We like to make things simple around here. Because the first rule in eating cleaner foods is to make them easy access. The majority of our recipes are not complicated. As long as you have a well stocked spice cabinet, you can fix pretty much any of our CK recipes...

9 Easy Spice Blends

Here at Clean Kitchen, our spice cabinet is extensive! It has been through trial and error (with lots of error), that we have grown comfortable using a number of spices in recipes on a whim. Using spices and herbs are where the flavor comes alive in any meal. Learn how...