Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge



The Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge

Clean Kitchen is NOT a diet. Clean Kitchen is also more than a "90 day program". CK is a personalized lifestyle coaching program that is much more effective than any fad diet program out there.

(Next Program Begins on January 19th, 2020)

  • Accountability: Receive a dedicated coach in your corner, to help you solidify the habits that will help you reach your goals.
  • Knowledge: Learn to create your own customized plan that adjusts to your body and works with your schedule.
  • Access to the Clean Kitchen Client App.
  • Application: Knowledge without application means nothing. Learn how to apply all the major CK habits (water, protein, plants, portions).
  • Receive awesome and tasty recipes, and never sacrifice great food.
  • Freedom: Feel great, love the food and have peace of mind knowing that you're doing all of the rights things to meet your health goals—without having to count macros or calories.

Most diet programs fail because they are too complicated.  That's why we coach lifestyle habits that are simple and easily maintained!

There is no shortage of information on the internet about nutrition and weight-loss. Question is, why are so many people still struggling to reach their goals?

All the knowledge in the world means absolutely nothing if you do not know how to apply it. This is where we come in—the three areas where people usually fail:

Commitment—people lack to energy to stay for the long-haul because their plan is too complicated for their current lifestyle.

Complexity— the silent killer of progress. You don’t need a complicated meal plan. You need consistency with the 4 Foundational Habits.

Accountability—Our coaches get you, and we know when to pull you on track if you start to stray.

With Clean Kitchen, WE CHALLENGE YOU to commit to a lifestyle change that WILL lead you to reaching your goals.

For 12 weeks, our coaches will work with you to develop daily habits that can transform your health, and help hold yourself accountable to the simple habits found in the CK 12 Week Program.

With daily lessons and accountability from your coach, we get you consistently doing healthy lifestyle habits. The program is run through the Clean Kitchen Client Web App where clients receive daily lessons, habits check-offs, assignments, and contact with your personal coach.

Need More Incentive? You Can Win $1000!

You have the opportunity to WIN $1000! The winner of the challenge will be voted on by your fellow CK Challenge classmates and coaches. Check out all the details below.

1: To be in the running to win, you must take monthly progress pictures. At the end of the program, you will turn in your week 1 picture to be compared to the week 12 picture. *These pictures will not be shared without your consent.

2: In a private voting form, each client will vote for the picture they think made the most change. Who ever gets the most votes WINS $1000! 

Here is a sampling of client progress pictures and testimonies (well, those who gave us permission to blast!) and we are oh-so-proud! And that was only 12 weeks! We can not wait to see more progress pictures in the future!

So What About Our App?

Stay committed and accountable to your new habits with:

  1. Habit Checkoffs
  2. Daily Lessons
  3. Weekly Assignments
  4. Food Logging
  5. Coach Feedback
  6. Progress Tracking

With Our Clean Kitchen Client App, we help to take the guesswork out of your eating and lifestyle changes. Not to mention your coach will be personally checking in with you to help hold you accountable and rock solid on your progress every step of the way.

You are our only focus.

Unlike other coaching programs, our nutrition lifestyle program is built around your needs, your lifestyle, and to help you achieve the body YOU want.  You interact with our coaches every week. This isn't some one-size-fits-all templates. We help you create a plan that works for you and your current lifestyle. There's no strict diet you're following, after all this isn't a diet program. We're here to focus on you and your habit consistency!

Coaches that really do care.

Clean Kitchen is a client first program. We get the struggles you face because we've been through some ourselves! We will always be here to listen to you, no matter what's going on in your life at the time. We are proud and honored to be a part of your journey, and we strive to support you in the fullest for every step of the way there.

Take the stress out of eating healthy.

No longer stress about what or how much you're going to eat. We will teach you everything you need to know to make conscious decisions daily that are consistent, and as a by-product of consistency, help you to reach your goals. Meal prepping? Not a problem. We can show you how to make that easy. Heck, you will even be able to go on a vacation to Disney and still eat like your supposed to. It's all about consistency, not sacrificing tasty food.

Adjusts to your schedule and preferences.

Part of the reason many people fail at diets and don't achieve their goals is because of scheduling and time restrictions. With us, you will be able to stay on track even with a busy lifestyle and limited time.

Designed for real life.

Don't want to give up desert? You don't have too, as long as you stick to the principles we teach you! Love microbrews or red wine? We won't keep you from enjoying the stuff you love. Instead of hardcore dieting templates that are meant to be one size fits all, we'll work together to teach you the fundamental habits that get great results, all without making you the “weirdo” at dinner.

Built for results that don’t disappear.

Yes it is a 12 week program. But we are by no means here to play the short game. Everything you learn here is meant to become habit. This is very much meant to be a permanent change that will give you the results you want and help you stay where you want to be, for years on end.

Challenge Begins on January 19th, 2020