Client Sound Bites


Our coaches are not simply going to tell you what you “should” be doing, they’ll help you discover what is really going on.

Eight weeks in to our Winter 2017 challenge, we asked clients,

What is one thing you have learned about your (past and present) eating habits through your CK experience?

Here’s what they said…

“I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple – plant, protein, water, repeat. Consistency is key.”

“I was focusing on the wrong things, I was avoiding the “bad” foods and restricting myself during the week and then binge eating on the weekends.”

“I am eating more food and losing weight!”


“I have learned that eating clean doesn’t have to be so complicated. In the past, I followed a lot of different approaches to losing weight. Now, I have dumped my mind of all the rules, fads, twist and turns of eating to just keeping it simple as eating a protein, plant and fat at every meal and call it a day.”

“I was in a routine of eating things that didn’t move me closer to my goals (even if I honestly thought they were good choices-thank you sleazy marketing!), and now I’m in a routine of eating things that truly serve my body and my goals.”

“That they’re HABITS! Day in and day out. Lifelong changes, not a temporary “plan.”

“Be prepared. If you take the time to weekly food prep, the hard part is over. The rest is easy.”

“It is easier than I thought! Meal prepping is key!”

“That it’s ok to fall off the wagon as long as you get up and get back on.”

“That I was never going to lose weight and be healthy with the way I was eating.”

“That if I use a cheat, don’t let it derail everything. Each day starts fresh.”

“Your taste buds really do change when you start eating healthier!!!”

“That the things I really thought I liked, I don’t miss at all. Who knew…”

“My previous eating habits were terrible. I was not eating ANY veggies nor drinking ANY water.”

“I can lose weight without counting calories by making good choices!”

“I used to choose the best tasting option available, regardless of the consequences. Now I choose the healthiest option.”

“The way I feel is directly related to how I eat.”

You see, it is not just about understanding “what to eat,” but more importantly “why” you are eating it and how it affects your entire life.

The next Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge begins soon! Check out more of our client progress pictures and success stories!

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