Trust the Process


“I couldn’t believe this way of eating was in any way going to help me reach my goals. This was unlike any ‘diet’ I had ever tried before and literally just didn’t make sense.”

by Traci Massey

I think I have tried every diet under the sun. It seems like I have been on a diet of some sort my entire life (whether I needed to be or not). You’ve heard the saying, “I only exercise because I love food.” That’s pretty much me…my life…except I never really exercised. I would eat and then diet and then eat and gain weight again and diet again.

In February 2010 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer. I’m now 6 years out and cancer free, but something changed after my treatments. I didn’t care about dieting any more. I continued to eat what I wanted and did very little exercise. You would think I would have become a health nut and worked hard to be healthy after enduring 6 months of harsh cancer treatments, but I did the opposite. I just kind of gave up and did what I wanted to do and ate whatever I wanted to eat.

I gained so much weight during that time, that it was literally affecting every area of my life. It was even affecting my job. I had to pass some jobs up because I just could not do them physically.

I had a sweet friend, Anna Gaston, who would encourage me ever so often to come try a Versus boot camp. I put her off I don’t know how many times. Finally, this past October I was so disgusted with my appearance and my weight that I decided to try it. I didn’t care how I looked trying to do a burpee, kettle bell swing, sit up etc… I figured as bad as I looked attempting ‘those exercises’ was not as bad as I looked and felt physically.

So October 2015 I started my Versus journey. I continued to work out every week and every week I would see results. That kept me going back. Around the first of the year they started promoting Versus Clean Kitchen. And well…as I stated earlier…I’m all about a good diet plan. I contemplated spending that much money, but had several past participants assure me it was worth the money. So I signed up.

They sent out the first few emails, and to say I was disappointed was an understatement. I couldn’t believe this way of eating was in any way going to help me reach my goals. This was unlike any ‘diet’ I had ever tried before and literally just didn’t make sense. I even contemplated ditching the program, cutting my financial loss and just doing what I had done in the past. My coach encouraged me to stick with the program, trust the process, and be consistent. So I did kinda of…until we took a week vacation to the beach. I tried one day and then blew it the rest of the week. I mean, you can always start again on Monday, right?

My coach asked me some really tough questions when I got back. He told me this particular week would either make or break me! He asked me why I was continuing in some of the bad habits I had developed over the years. That little pep talk was so enlightening. At that point I realized how wrong all the diets I had ever attempted never really worked. They were all temporary fixes for a lifetime of bad habits I had developed. I decided to give it my all and really work hard at learning the new habits and trust the process. It WORKED….IT really WORKED!!!!

Fast forward 12 weeks…I lost 20 lbs and right at 24 inches from my body.


I have gone from a size 12 to a loose size 6. I feel amazing and for the first time in 6 years I am not ashamed of how I look. I can do my job with ease now. The program really does work. My husband also benefited from the CK 12 Week Challenge losing 29 pounds himself! It’s not about being on a diet at all, it’s about developing healthy habits and making good choices. I have not felt cheated in any way of the foods I love. I’ve learned how to recreate some of my favorite meals into healthier choices. I don’t even want they unhealthy foods I used to eat (well, except chips and salsa)! Even chips and salsa are okay in moderation.

I can honestly say I will never need another ‘diet’. Versus Clean Kitchen has given me the tools I need to eat healthy. It has given me the habits I need to continue to see success in this area of my life.   I would have never thought that a ‘habit approach’ vs. a ‘meal plan’ approach to weight loss and fitness would actually work? I’m a believer!!!! This past 10 months has been life changing, especially the past 12 weeks of VSC Clean Kitchen.

You can do the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge too! Find out all details and sign up link here.

Updated 2019 transformation! In total she has lost 52 pounds, built a boat load of muscle, and transformed her body over the last 3 years. Check out her new article about continued progress here on the Versus Success Stories page!

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