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The "Ah-Ha" moments

By Samantha McCain Tolstoy is quoted for saying, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” What sucks (for lack of a better word), is that I have the patience of a toddler and time is the only thing I always need more of. Or, so I thought. I’ve...

"Skinny" doesn't mean "healthy"

Kimberly has always been naturally thin and not what you might call an “overweight” person. You may look at her and think she doesn’t have any weight to lose. But she needed Clean Kitchen. Being “skinny” doesn’t mean “healthy.” Being healthy is so much more than counting calories for the...

Trust the Process

"I couldn't believe this way of eating was in any way going to help me reach my goals. This was unlike any 'diet' I had ever tried before and literally just didn't make sense." by Traci Massey I think I have tried every diet under the sun. It seems like...

CK is not a "Diet" Program

I have never thought of losing weight and getting healthy as an easy or fun task until my experience with Versus Clean Kitchen. In my long history of finding the magic weigh loss program, I found most required immediate drastic change into a healthy lifestyle which never lasted more than...

Laurin Hensley

"You can't workout enough to combat poor eating choices" Laurin Hensley, January 2015 - April 2015 and still going! Laurin pictured here before she started Clean Kitchen, then 4 months into her new lifestyle! "I have been a yoyo dieter for as long as I can remember. I was overweight...