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CK Success Story: Traci Massey

https://youtu.be/trW5fglV7nk Traci Massey beat cancer. Then she beat any excuse to give up on her health. She joined Versus in October 2015, and the CK 12 Week Challenge Summer 2016. Now a year later she not only completely restored her body, but has a brand new outlook on life. Check out her story told by Traci herself! If you have been wanting to take back your health, now is your chance. Click here for information on the next Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge! IMG_6217 Traci Massey Blood work in 2014, before Versus and CK, and then again in January 2017. 2014 Total cholesterol : 245 2017 Total Cholesterol: 206 (LDL, HDL, VLDL) 2014 LDL: 158 2017 LDL: 135 2014 HDL: 72 2017 HDL: 61 2014 Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy: 32 2017 Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy: 58.1

Updated 2019 transformation! In total she has lost 52 pounds, built a boat load of muscle, and transformed her body over the last 3 years. Check out her new article about continued progress here on the Versus Success Stories page!

View More: http://tracimasseyphotography.pass.us/untitled-export-7 Traci Massey before CK 12 Week Challenge in 2016 and after, January 2019