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multiple recipes from the same ingredients

multiple recipes from the same ingredients

We like to make things simple around here. Because the first rule in eating cleaner foods is to make them easy access. The majority of our recipes are not complicated. As long as you have a well stocked spice cabinet, you can fix pretty much any of our CK recipes with a quick trip to the store for some fresh foods. In some cases, you can even make multiple recipes from the same ingredients. The less complicated the better, especially for those just starting on this new journey of eating whole foods! Another strategy we like to use is cooking in bulk, to use in later meals throughout the week. Sometimes even buying in bulk can save you money at the store. If meat or produce are on sale, think of two ways to use it! The meat you want is sold out? Just use a different kind! You can also substitute with chicken in these recipes. Clean Kitchen is all about getting you thinking of ways to make the planning process easier. This will go a long way in sticking with the plan. Here are two recipes that use pretty much the same ingredients.
Philly Steak Salad and Crock Pot Gyro Steak
You can interchange the cooking methods for each recipe but get the same flavors. The Philly Steak is really the base flavor. To make it Gyro Steak, you will simply add in some Mediterranean flavors (lemon and oregano). These are one pot wonders, just mix everything together!
Store trip:
Beef sirloin (ground or cut) green bell peppers yellow onion Lemon juice mild pickled banana peppers (optional)
Pantry items:
Garlic powder oil (walnut oil, extra virgin olive oil) salt ground black pepper oregano beef stock or beef bullion cube dissolved in water How to interchange: Using ground beef for either recipe. Cook on stove top like explained in Philly Steak Salad recipe here. Note the change in meat amount used between recipes. You will have to adjust your seasoning ratio. Using thin cut sirloin for either recipe. You can cook this crock pot, which gives more time for flavors to get all cozy, or on stove top if you need it fast. For the Gyro Steak, I would pile everything in one big pot and saute it all together. Using about 1 pound of meat on the stove top will be faster than trying to cook 2 pound as the recipe calls for. Again note the change in meat amount, adjust accordingly! Use chicken instead! Not a fan of beef? Not a problem. Just switch it to chicken breast. Same rules apply. For the full recipes check out these post! Crock Pot Gyro Steak detailplatebig Philly Steak Salad meltycheeseBIG