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Fall 2016 Challenge Progress Pictures

And the winners of the Fall 2016 Clean Kitchen 12 week Challenge are...

First place won $1000, client #17!


Second place won $300 gift card to Qdoba, Client #5!


Third place won $300 gift card to Smoothie King, Client #25!

SummerClients23-27 We are so very proud of all of our clients. You all put in phenomenal effort nailing down your daily habits consistently, and going through the process with an open mind. You guys truly know how to trust the process now!! Below is a sampling of progress pictures from the Fall 2016 session! Great work everyone and keep going. The CK 12 Weeks is only the beginning and you are all well prepared for week 13 and beyond. If you are browsing these images and wondering if you could do something like this, you can. Don't take my word for it, but listen to what our clients are saying here. This is truly a brain re-train of what you think you know and what you think you have to do to get healthy. Let us help you in the next Clean Kitchen 12 week Challenge coming up!