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Eating out in Tupelo!

Eating out in Tupelo!

Eating on the go can seem daunting if you want to eat even semi-healthy. There are so many temptations on a menu, you can get distracted!

As a general rule when going out to eat, if I want to stay on track, I try to eat low-carb.

Not that I think carbs are bad, nor do I cut them out of my daily diet, but I like to know what is in my meal if I am going to truly make a good decision.

Here's why:

Restaurants cook with lots of fat because fat makes things taste delicious. So what you might think as being a "healthy rice" side, could turn into a calorie bomb because it is cooked with fat, paired with your buttery fish and veggies. You could ask for the food to be prepared without oil or butter, but again personally, that just makes for a miserable time eating out. (Fats taste so good!) You might as well have cooked at home. But feel free to ask if you find yourself eating out a lot. No harm in asking!

How to enjoy your restaurant meal without thinking you completely blew it...

...or trying to order a complicated meal, just stick to my simple rule— pass on the heavy carbs and order extra veggies. I do this every where and most places are happy to accommodate a substitution. One of our most popular blog post is "Eating Out in the Burg," a listing of local restaurants in Hattiesburg, Ms and what our coaches and clients order CK-Style. You'll notice, most of the meals follow my rule above. And though we think these are helpful to get an idea of how to order at any restaurant or city, we thought we would expand our reach and into other cities!

First up is Tupelo, MS!

11390291_747001642065804_4181858216122549198_nWe've partnered up with FitCamp, a local women's gym and indoor bootcamps, to give you the scouting report for local CK-approved eats. Coach Casey and her crew are living that CK-Lifestyle and ready to help Tupelo learn the CK-ways. Here's what they have found around town! Interested in trying out one of Coach Casey's classes? Check out their class schedule on! Keep checking back, as we will update this post with more entries as they come in!

Weekly Grub

Tupelo has a hidden gem meal prep service. Hester Lowe and Shannon Hendrix of Crossfit 178 began prepping recipes from the CK Cookbook and we couldn't be more jealous of this awesome service! Weekly Grub offers up a new menu each week, many items are from the CK Cookbook. Orders are placed by noon on Friday for the following week's meal pick ups on Monday. To view their weekly menu check out their instagram page @crossfit178. Payment due at time of placing order, cash or check made out to Weekly Grub or using Venmo @hesterlowe. Call 662-255-1890 or 662-255-7386 to order or find out more information! crossfitprep


Tabbouleh Salad - kale, quinoa, roasted cauliflower, and cherry tomatoes tossed in a citrus vinaigrette. Notes: Request vinaigrette on the side & no bread, add salmon or chicken. IMG_2718.JPG


SALMON & KALE SALAD Kale, red onion, field peas, Granny Smith apples & grape tomatoes tossed in mustard vinaigrette. Topped with wood-fired grilled salmon. IMG_3136 copy.jpg LEMON PEPPER CHICKEN $16.95 Mesquite grilled, boneless chicken breast seasoned with lemon pepper. Notes: Sub mashed potatoes for veggie skewer and grilled asparagus. IMG_3138 copy1.jpg

Taziki's (website)

Veggie Plate with a side of chicken Notes: Sub the rice for extra grilled veggies. They give you taziki sauce but the veggies and chicken chopped all together like a salad are great without. IMG_9638.jpeg Grilled Chicken with a side salad IMG_2642.JPG

The Grille

Blackened catfish with steamed veggies & asparagus. IMG_2905.JPG Ahi tuna salad without wontons and dressing on the side. IMG_2904.JPG


The perfect pickup meal if you have no veggies. The Danvers to-go salads are LOADED with veggies! Just add a protein to salad pictured is $6, or add grilled chicken for under $8. IMG_2569.JPG


Build your chopped salad for lunch or breakfast! Two egg whites or double turkey; and usually build a salad bowl with spinach, tomatoes, banana peppers, olives, bell peppers, onion, and cucumber. Dress with vinegar, salt and pepper. subway


  • Salmon and Arugula Salad
  • Shrimp and Avocado Salad
  • dress with lemon juice and vinegar



Sweet Peppers Deli

I have included the original nutrition facts from their website of the original meal. These facts do not reflect the edits we have suggested. I wanted to include them to show you where you were starting from. You can view their full menu nutrition facts here. Cajun Shrimp Wrap - take wrap off and just eat filling. Side: Sliced apples Notes: No tortilla. This is a little high fat, but if you take the wrap off this will substantial take the carbs down to a normal range, and possibly some of the fat. Definitely would consider this a high fat - low carb with out the tortilla. See if you could request dressing on the side, but otherwise it wasn’t swimming in it. Chef Salad Fresh greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, turkey and ham. Notes: No cheese, no croutons. Instead, see if you can sub the cheese out for some healthy fats to the salad, like walnuts or almonds. Dress with lemon juice or vinegar. Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.34.34 PM Oven Roasted Chicken salad Fresh greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken Notes: No cheese, no croutons. Instead, see if you can sub the cheese out for some healthy fats to the salad, like walnuts or almonds. Dress with lemon juice or vinegar. *There was not a nutrition fact for this salad, but I would imagine it is comparable to the Chef salad.
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