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Clean Kitchen's Clean Drinkin eBook

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This is a digital PDF download of Clean Kitchen's Clean Drinkin' eBook

(includes 5 drink recipes)

Let’s face it, adult beverages are a part of life and here at Clean Kitchen, we coach a realistic way of living a healthy lifestyle. And realistically our clients are going to drink alcohol, so of course we want to inspire some better options. The problem with most drinks (non-alcoholic included) is they are loaded with sugar. When it comes helping our clients get on track, cutting out sugary beverages is a big part of their success. 

“All things in moderation” is a good mantra to live by, especially when it comes to alcohol—but when you do make the choice to drink, we hope you’ll consider “clean drinkin” as an option. Feel free to make these without the alcohol, the flavor combinations are delicious as is! The following recipes are a collaboration of all the CK coaches, some new drinks and some tried-and-true tested! We hope you enjoy, cheers!