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Fall 2020 Client Progress Pics

 FALL 2020 During the Fall 2020 Challenge we watched over 100 clients take on big lifestyle changes in the midst of a very tumultuous year. With the MANY curveballs this year has brought, as coaches we looked at our clients for inspiration and motivation just as much as they looked...

Summer 2020 Client Progress Pics

 SUMMER 2020 This summer was anything but normal. Right before the start of the Summer of 2020, COVID-19 shutdown hit, and honestly we did not know how this challenge was going to pan out.  But even through all the uncertainty of this time, we had an amazing group of clients...

Winter 2020 Client Progress Pics

Small habits. Big changes. The Winter 2020 Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge did not end as we expected. Because of the Corona Virus, half way through the challenge our clients were thrown for a big loop when they had to adjust their newly learned routines and habits into another "new...

Fall 2019 Client Progress Photos

What you see here are the results of a little more awareness of what is really going on, a little more effort in changing some lifestyle habits, and getting in an autopilot-groove of the habits. The action steps we coach are the foundation to what your health could become.

Summer 2019 Progress Pics

Progress pictures from the Summer 2019 Challenge. The Clean Kitchen Challenge is about becoming a "different" person than you are now in every way. Not just physically as you see in these photos below, but in the way you think about food, how you plan, how you measure progress, how you talk to yourself and forgive yourself. More importantly, how you learn to love a process that is foreign to some of you now. By the end of week 12 you will get it, it's automatic...it's a habit ;)

Fall 2018 Progress Pictures

600+ pounds gone forever. 135+ inches, from their waist alone, gone forever. Weight-loss is a big draw for anyone to do a "challenge," but ours is more of a brain-retrain. When you know better, you do better. But sometimes knowing what to do is not enough. You need accountability and a system in place to keep you consistent. This is what we coach and teach.

Summer 2018 Progress Pics

Every time we finish another round of the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge we are amazed by the progress our clients make. Many view the CK 12 Week Challenge as a "weight loss" program, and yes, our clients lose a lot of weight and even more inches. But Clean Kitchen...

Winter 2018 Progress Pictures

780+ pounds gone and over 100 lives changed. And this happened in 12 Weeks. The knowledge and habits developed during these past 12 weeks will carry them onward to week 13 and beyond! We created Clean Kitchen Challenge not as a weight-loss program, but more as a lifestyle program. Our...

Fall 2017 Progress Photos

SIGN UP HERE for the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge The numbers and pictures are impressive. But even more impressive is the life changed behind these pictures and numbers! And the way we change people is slowly. In the Clean Kitchen challenge we slowly teach habits, strategies, and re-train their...