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If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

If you say you want to change, then you have to have the will to learn. Change means you might have to take a gut check, admit you don't know everything, and probably do not know if you really are "eating good." You have to be willing to learn a hard lesson. If you are "eating good," how's that working out for you? You must first be honest with yourself before you can change. The quote above can truly sum up our clients experiences while in the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge. If you think our 12 Week program is just going to give you a meal plan to follow, then you may want to pass us up. We are not a cookie-cutter meal planning online service. A meal planning service will not change the root of your problems.

The real root of the problem...

Let's get real for a second...we all want to be lazy! Heck, even I, a nutrition coach wish I didn't have to try hard to be healthy. The reason being healthy is so hard is because being un-healthy is SO EASY. When things get hectic we want to shut down. We can only handle easy. The drive thru is super easy. Purchasing a meal plan is easy, but not really practical because you may not even follow through. Being healthy takes effort. It takes work. It takes learning the process. If you do not have your mind set to take on the effort, then you will never follow through. The 12 Week Challenge is not easy, because we require you to change your daily eating habits and routine. But we make the process of change easy if you can follow the steps. We create consistency in your daily routine, we give you the accountability you need to stay focused, and hands on assignments to help you learn how to apply all the info you are learning. Above all, it takes determination. Determination can be really hard to come by. It is not something anyone can give you. There is no pep talk or book or coach that can give you determination. You have to find it for yourself. In the CK 12 Week Challenge you will get plenty of info, advice, accountability and pep talks. But no amount of motivational speeches or articles on nutrition is going to do you any good if you do not put forth the effort to learn this process.

Here is just one of many clients who made the effort to learn the process and will reap the benefits for a lifetime!

Here is our Fall 2015 Challenge progress picture winner! This person won $400 for turning in Week 1 and week 12 pictures in a private, anonymous voting between all Fall 2015 clients. And we have plenty more client successes! tatum Our Fall 2015 Challenge winner's thoughts on Clean Kitchen! "I LOVE IT!!! It has motivated my entire family to change our eating lifestyle. The daily emails are great and so informative. I have learned so much and I love that you teach the "why" behind things (ex: metabolism and the different types of exercise). I have told everyone about Clean Kitchen because I believe in it! The food log is a great accountability for me. I think before I eat because I know you'll be checking in on me. The recipes were great to have.Clean Kitchen has changed the way I look at food - from prepping food to making good on-the-go choices. Since starting Clean Kitchen (10 weeks ago) I have lost 12 lbs and 12.75 inches! Thank you VSC Coaches for all the hard work you've put into this program. It really shows!"

Clean Kitchen is a complete brain retrain of what you think healthy eating is.

  • We will teach you where to start, at what ever level you want to start at.
  • We will teach you how to make a menu, but you will decide what foods you want to eat.
  • There is teaching you how to shop, but you make your own shopping list.
  • We will teach you how to substitute ingredients in recipes, but you will have to find recipes you want to "re-vamp."
  • We teach you how to meal prep, and plan for emergency situations!
  • And of course we teach all the details about portion sizes, whole foods, and the "why" behind it all. We believe if you understand how foods work in your body, you will be more inclined to give foods a try.
So if you are up for the challenge, sign up and change your life forever. But it is truly up to you how you use this program. You get out with what you put in. The coaches can not physically make you eat whole foods. We are not offering some magic formula or "secret" to getting lean and healthy. We offer a real life nutrition coaching program which was designed to educate and train YOU to change. These pictures shown are only showing what 12 weeks can do. Imagine what a life of living and eating this way would look like.

Check out what our clients are saying!

"I have seen this work consistently over the last 11 weeks. My scales moved in the right direction every single week, without fail. It doesn't get much better, especially when you know you can keep it up. I thought the length of the program was also manageable. It was long enough to reinforce the habits, but short enough to make the decision to join-in a simple one. I have been extremely pleased with the overall experience."
"I loved the emails. It amazes me how many times the email was EXACTLY what I was struggling with that day! The coaches were great. I absolutely love the Facebook page. I enjoyed the recipes created by others. I also appreciated reading that many of them were facing the same struggles I was. And...I enjoyed seeing their success. It was very motivating!"
"In short I think this is the most valuable/useful program I have ever been involved in. I am not a cook. I don’t like to cook or mess up a kitchen. I don’t have ideas about foods or how to cook them. Total blank there. Somehow you are making this so much easier for me. This is a total brain retrain – but it’s working. I appreciate that you are giving us small bits to work on and get good at. I can handle that. Not too much thrown at me at one time – with everything else in the world that has to be done. he emails are extremely useful. I am just soaking up the information and LOVE the recipes!" I feel wonderful! Lots of energy. I have not been hungry and haven’t felt deprived at all. No cravings – which is a small miracle since I lived on processed foods and sweets before starting this program. I’m thrilled that you all have offered this program. It has probably helped me add years to my life. And passing the information and habits out in bite-sized pieces certainly made this overhaul manageable."