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Coach Jamie's Favorite Kitchen Things

Coach Jamie's Favorite Kitchen Things

Being in the kitchen a lot you get a feel for what makes the process easier. These are a few of my favorites and ones I use daily! I may add more to this list later so keep checking back :) Check here to see details about our next upcoming Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge. It's our online coaching program designed to help you become self-sufficient in the kitchen and in daily habits so you'll never need another gimmick diet again.


My number one tools are my Kyocera Ceramic Knives.

I have been using these knives for about 10 years! I do have some steal knives, but for most of my chopping these are my go-to. You can purchase on Amazon or locally at J. Olive Co. or The Kitchen Table is Hattiesburg.



My second favorite tools are my Rachel Ray Lazy Spoons!

I have 2 sets. I may even buy another set now that there are the spoonulas added. Perfect for keeping messy spoons off the counter. And kitchen tongs are a must, I have 3! They are like extensions of your hands!


My Wooden Salt Cellar.

I use Kosher Salt in all my cooking and this is its home on the counter. My mom bought this for me probably about 6 years ago and I absolutely love it. My mom bought this one at The Kitchen Table in Hattiesburg years ago.



My favorite cooking pans

I have a collection of different brand pots and pans, but I use these Rachel Ray pans the most. For cooking double batches of soups and chilis, I love the 8 Quart. For double batches of ground meat recipes like the CK Stroganoff or Spaghetti Sauce, I use the 5 Quart pan. It has the high walls for less splatter and a wide base for faster cooking. They are durable and not too expensive. I have had them for years.



I use a small pans every single morning to cook my omelet and my husband and son's eggs. These two pans stay on the stove. I am not lying when I say I use these every single day!

Food Processors

I have a large food processor and a mini food processor, and I have literally had these same devices for 10 years. They last! I have to 11 cup CuisineArt for big jobs and the Cuisinart Mini for mincing small veggies like onion for meatballs, burgers and meat loaf. I also use the mini to crumble oats or almonds to make bread crumbs.




The Instapot is a game changer in time management in the kitchen! I recommend the 6 quart size. Not too big and not too small for most family recipes. I can cook Crock Pot Chicken in 20 minutes, versus 2-3 hours in the traditional crock pot!


Hand Blender

A hand blender is not a necessity and not something I use everyday, BUT it sure does come in handy when you need to blend soups right in the pot, or Instapot :). I have this one!

My water bottle

If you know me and see me daily, you know I am never without "pinky." My Nalgene 32 oz water bottle. I carry a bright pink water bottle to remind myself to drink my water habit!! This is the one I carry.


And of course, no kitchen is complete without Clean Kitchen: The Cookbook!