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Day of Food: Coach Jamie

This is me at my start and 4 years later.

I didn’t do anything fancy. I just started weight training and eating better. With each passing year, I fine-tuned my methods. More importantly, I am consistent in my habits. My body reflects my daily habits. I am a mom, a wife, a trainer, a (not very good) house cleaner, a writer (kind of), a cook, and I still make these habits a priority.
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How do I eat?

I eat about 2000+ calories a day, but I rarely count my macros. I focus on the 4 Big Habits and try to eat as many plants as I possibly can. This is my normal. Do not expect this to be your new normal. It is the result of daily practice of checking off my 4 Big Habits for years—and, yes, I have "cheat meals" every so often.

Here is what 2100 calories looks like with whole food meals.

I literally ate this yesterday (3/8/16). I inputted my macros in My Fitness Pal to get the estimate. Dayoffoodpic-jamie I am not saying you need to start out eating this amount of food. That would be tough for anyone who is only use to eating twice a day. Just start small and change the meals you currently eat. Replace processed foods with whole foods (meats, veggies and one-ingredient-carbs). Once you get in the habit of consistently eating these types of meals, your body will start burning energy more efficiently. When this happens, you will get hungry for more meals. If you need more direction and accountability, sign up for the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge. We get you really good at the basics. The 4 Big Habits are all you need to make serious change in your health and body composition!