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Keep CK in your pocket with the CK Habit Tracker App

We believe consistency matters. But to understand what consistency truly is you must track it! This is exactly what the CK Habit Tracker is.

The CK Habit Tracker Program gives you a year-round way of tracking your daily habits — sleep, water intake, protein intake, plant intake, vitamins, and uploading bi-weekly progress pictures and measurements, as well as the occasional CK Article, video and recipe!

Many of our clients wish they could continue the use of their CK Client App after they complete the 12-Week Challenge. Here is your chance! We have created a simple program for you to keep tracking your habits, food, and progress. While we do not offer the CK daily lessons, videos, or coach interaction of the 12 Week Program, you can still get a taste of how things run!

How consistent are you, really?

Your goal is to keep an 80% compliance score in all 5 Habits! The CK App keeps your Progress Compliance score is based on how consistent you are at checking off those habits.

The 5 Big Habits we track:

water habit
plant habit
protein habit
vitamin habit
and sleep habit!

You can also track:
Food logging - written or daily meal photo upload
Bi- weekly Measurements and Progress Photos

This is self-accountability with the help of the CK Client App!

Are you a CK Alum?
If you are a client coming off of the previous challenge, this is the perfect extension of your CK Challenge! You will still maintain access to your previous challenge ’s content, while continuing to track your current habits.

Never signed up for the CK 12 Week Challenge before?
Lucky you! You will be able to experience how the CK 12 Week Challenge Habit tracking works and test out our simple habits and some of the features from the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge. And if you feel like you need a coach, you have the option to sign up for the full program when the next one comes around!

CK Habit Tracking features included:

Check off those Habit Cards everyday
You will get a set of new orange habit cards (sleep, water, plants, protein, vitamins) every single day. It is your goal to check them off every day! As the days and weeks build up, you will be able to see your Progress Compliance Score build to see just how consistent you are at doing your daily habits.

Food Logging
You can track your food either by typed Weekly Food Journaling or through Daily Photo Food Journaling. In the CK Program we do not track calories, but we do know the importance of understanding visually what you are eating. So we utilize tracking through simply writing out your meals or taking photos. You will build you plates based off of you hand-size portions.

Progress Picture and Measurement Uploads
Every two weeks you will have the option to upload new progress pics and measurements.

CK Articles
We will be sharing the occasional article or recipe from CK! So be on the look out. These will range from new articles, videos, stories and recipes, to some of our all time favorite content. 

CK Recipes
Quick access to our Recipe Index with a click of a button!