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What Does Your 80% Look Like?

Let’s face it, the majority of us do not eat healthy 80% of the time and we move too little. We do not lead healthy lifestyles. We are rushed, unprepared, and busy. Our health and body composition usually fall last in line.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What does “being healthy” mean?

At Clean Kitchen we want you to be healthy. What does this mean? For us, this means “living not a sick life.” Instead of fighting against bad health with meds or crash diets, we teach healthy habits that create a healthy body for a healthy life. Yes, there is a strategy to learn, but it’s not complicated. We coach you to make smarter decisions about food choices and teach you ways to get around your own excuses.

What will Clean Kitchen teach you?

No matter if your goal is to lose body fat or gain muscle, we will change your perspective of what it means to eat healthy, while not starving, and building better lifestyle habits, which WILL give you the body you are after.

And we know anyone can get there, regardless of your schedule or situation. If you are willing to make some daily habit changes, you can be healthy, fit, and just plain feel better. Being “healthy” is not just for the already fit, healthy individuals you see around you. It is attainable by anyone, and you just have to start somewhere.

The results speak for themselves

This is the result of consistently eating healthy 80% of the time and moving more. Meet Stephanie. Mom of 2 and star of our new video! Pictures taken 6 months apart.

Are you wondering what your 80% looks like throughout the the week in meals?

If you eat 5 meals/snacks per day = 35 meals per week

80% of those meals = 28 meals you eat clean

20% of those meals = 7 meals you might have a treat

If you eat 3 meals/snacks per day = 21 meals per week

80% of those meals = 16.8 meals you eat clean

20% of those meals = 4.2 meals you might have a treat

*In Clean Kitchen, you will learn what a “treat” really is.

Ready to start your journey? Check out the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Program