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C O A C H   J O R D A N

JORDAN WOOD has been a Clean Kitchen coach since 2018. She always enjoyed exercise and the friendly competitiveness of her gym, Versus Strength and Conditioning, but never gave much thought about needing change her eating habits. “I thought I already lived a relatively healthy lifestyle. So why would I need someone to tell me what I already know?”

Hesitantly, she signed up for Clean Kitchen anyway and the rest is history.

“While enrolled in CK, I began to understand food as fuel. I understood what it felt like to lose weight and have more energy while being satisfied and eating delicious food. After a successful 12 weeks, I began studying to become a Clean Kitchen Coach through my Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification. Now I get to help people understand how they too can change for the better, and learn to truly live the 80/20 lifestyle free of guilt!”

Jordan lives in Hattiesburg, MS with her husband Brad and two sons, Michael and Sam. As a family, they enjoy going to the beach, playing sports, fishing, and boating. Jordan enjoys working out with her gym family at Versus. And for her 'me time', she enjoys binge watching tv shows, reality tv, and listening to podcasts while cooking some yummy CK dishes! 

Q & A   W I T H   C O A C H   J O R D A N  

My favorite part about being a coach is seeing people's transformation throughout the 12 weeks. Not just their physical transition, but their emotional transition as well. I love seeing their relationship with food go from being "good food vs bad food" to an 80/20 lifestyle with no guilt related to food choices. I love teaching people skills that they will forever use AFTER the 12 week challenge is over. 

Dinner. I love cooking dinner (usually while listening to a podcast). I enjoy looking up new recipes and revamping recipes. Also, cooking dinner means leftovers for lunch which is a win!!

My favorite meals include Mexican spices or anything I can top with salsa. My absolute favorite CK recipe is the Mexican lasagna. Also, I love the CK protein banana bread. The recipe that is my family's favorite is the chicken parm bake.