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“Failing to plan, is planning to fail.”

1: Planning and prepping is our focus. Do you already consider yourself a “good” eater and know what to do? Most people already know they should eat whole foods, but that is not the problem. It is failure to plan and execute! We teach you how to implement simple strategies and daily habits into your daily life that will get you to your goal. Whether your goal is to get in shape or just to feel better, the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge will change your whole perspective on food and what you think it takes to get healthy. Through this process you actually learn what you need to do, the why behind it and how to do it.

2: Consistency. You may know what to do, but you are inconsistent with your habits. We get your really good at the basics. Building a solid foundation of healthy, daily habits is what will keep you going even when life throws you some curve balls. Consistency is the key to success, especially when it comes to body composition changes.

3: Accountability. You get your own coach! Your coach will be keeping track of your progress through compliance scores, checking with you weekly and answering your questions through the process of building your own Clean Kitchen. You will also join the private Facebook Page full of past clients ready to support you! We have built a large CK community of like-minded people to help encourage you along the way.

4: You get the Clean Kitchen Client App!  You will have all-access to your Clean Kitchen program at your finger tips. With the CK Client Web App you will get your daily lessons, habits and assignments to check off. You can connect with your coach, log your food journal, and even keep track of your progress all within your CK Client Web App. Check out how it works below:

Each day you will be asked to check off completed lessons, habits and assignments. These check offs will build your Progress Compliance Score. Consistency in your habits is the key to success!

Within your Client Dashboard you will be able to download all the printable goodies!

  • Clean Kitchen Makeover Packet: Basically, this is your Clean Kitchen Encyclopedia. Everything you need to know about whole foods, complete with grocery list, Precision Nutrition 5 Habit Cheat Sheet, portion sizes and meal examples.
  • Meal Prep Planning Packet: You get all our tips and tricks to planning an easy week of meals. With menu examples and even Quick Fix Meal tips when there is just “no time” to cook.
  • Clean Kitchen Recipe Packet: This is not “Clean Kitchen: The Cookbook,” but it is a sampling of the coveted recipe book of all the coaches favorite recipes, client tested and approved! You get lots of easy, simple recipe to use for your weekly meal prep.

If you are ready for a real lifestyle change, it starts with changing your daily habits. You need to sign up for the 12 Week Challenge. This program is designed to set you up with the critical steps to create not only a fit body, but a quality life!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers about the challenge!