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Here are a few frequently asked questions. If you have more please do not hesitate to ask or email vsccleankitchen@gmail.com! You can also read more about the 12 week challenge here.

How to enroll in the 12 Week Challenge?

Clean Kitchen is our nutrition program developed by the coaches of Versus Strength and Conditioning. Register for the 12 Week Challenge you must enroll through our website link found in the main menu under "Clean Kitchen Challenge."

How much does the 12 week challenge cost?

It is a one-time payment of $250. We do run discounts for people subscribed to our email list so make sure you are on it! You can subscribe in the footer of our website on any page.

What is included in the program?

For $250 you get the entire Clean Kitchen 12 Week Program information and a personal coach. You will get daily lessons, daily habits check offs, and weekly assignments, food logging, and a personal coach guiding you as you practice changing your eating habits. You will learn everything you need to know about nutrition and strategies to make clean eating your new lifestyle.

Can I download the CK Client Web App online or the App Store?

Nope. The only way to access the CK Client Web App is once enrolled you will be sent a link to register into the CK Client Web App two days BEFORE your Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge begins.

Do I have to be a member of Versus Strength & Conditioning to do the 12 week challenge?

No, the challenge is separate from Versus gym membership. You do not have to enroll in any Versus classes or boot camps to participate in the CK Challenge. Anyone, anywhere can sign up! We have people from all over the country enroll.

Does this course meet in person?

Nope. You do not meet in person. This is a completely online course via your CK Client App account. You can take CK with you anywhere. Even on vacation! You will work through your daily lessons and assignments via the client app.

Can I do the CK challenge while traveling?

We coach you on how to make the better choice no matter where you go. Many of the lessons and assignments have to do with meal prepping and planning ahead, but planning ahead for travel and going out to eat is something we cover heavily while in the program. With the ease of your CK App, you can still read lessons, check off habits and food log even if you do not cook every meal you eat. Having your personal coach is a game changer. You can customize your CK experience to your lifestyle and schedule. The core lessons are the same whether you are a traveler or stay at home. Our main goal for you as a client is to be able to eat inline with your goals where ever you go.

Do I get a meal plan?

Nope. We teach you to plan for yourself with coach guidance. You will learn how to plan, shop, and prepare for healthy meals without the need of a meal plan. Most people do not need meal plans. For one, meal plans usually do not work for long-term because a meal plan is not what you “normally do.” We coach to change your daily habits and change what comes natural in your daily routine. You do not need to count macros or use complicated meal plans (“space math” as we like to call it) to get great results. You just need to get consistent at eating the right foods and enough of the right amounts. It’s a beautiful thing when you get to lose body fat and eat lots of yummy food! And more importantly, you need to understand how to keep your results.

What if I can’t cook well?

No problem! We will give you ideas and simple recipes to follow. We give you tools on how to cook efficiently with some practice. Not everyone is the best home cook, but you also can not eat out every single meal. So there is no time like present to start trying. Cooking at home will save you money and your health.

Will I have access to the CK App once my 12 week challenge is over?

You will have access to your app account through out the 12 weeks, but once it is over the account will be inactive. That is unless you decide to do another round of CK. Your information from your CK Challenge will be saved in our software up to one year, but you will only have access to it if you are a current CK client.

Do I get a personal coach?

Yes! You get your own coach for the 12 week challenge who will guide you through the process. Your coach is there the review weekly assignments and help you work through the program as needed. We check in with you weekly via your CK App messenger or calls depending on how you like to communicate.

Does the CK App count calories like My Fitness Pal or other similar apps?

No the app does not count calories. As a program, we do not focus on counting calories, but more about visual portion sizes using your hand size. No calculators needed! The CK app is the hub of all your daily lessons, assignments, habits check offs and coach communication. You can log in the app through your phone, tablet or computer.

Is Clean Kitchen similar to Whole30, Paleo, and other diets?

We are similar in the fact that we focus on eating more whole foods, but we do not restrict any food groups or focus heavily on low carb/high fat eating habits. But here’s the thing, you are never going to not eat processed foods entirely. We like our cake and pizza too occasionally. We think any program or plan that can help you make more whole foods a habit is a win, but sometimes there are just too many “rules.” We focus on the basic foundation of good health, which is get good at consistently eating smart. Eating smart means you eat more protein, plants, good carbs, good fats, and have a little wiggle room in between when you are not-so-perfect (which you never will be and that is okay!). It might mean you can eat bread, dairy, and other foods that may not fit in “other” plans. In the end, your food intake is a reflection of what your goal is, not what the so-called-rules say. We help you sort through all the misconceptions and create a lifestyle YOU can stick with.

How does the food logging work?

On your client dashboard of the CK app, each week you get a weekly food log to input your meals. From there you can track your food intake to see how you are eating. These food logs are saved through out the entire 12 weeks and you can refer back to them as often as you need to.

How do I win $1000?

You take monthly progress pictures during the challenge. At the end of the program, you will turn in your week 1 picture to be compared to the week 12 picture. *These pictures will not be shared without your consent. In a private voting form, clients and coaches will vote for the picture they think made the most change. Who ever gets the most votes WINS $1000! Check out past client progress pictures here.

Can I request a particular coach?

Of course. We will do our best to accommodate your request. You can also request if you prefer a male or female coach.

What are the Progress Compliance Scores?

These are how you and your coach can track how consistent you are with the program. Consistency is the key to your progress. The scores are a perfect way for you to understand just how consistent you are. Your goal is to be 80% compliant with the 4 Big Habits we assign each week. That means 20% of the time you have wiggle room! This is the beauty of Clean Kitchen, you are never suppose to be perfect. Each week your app will track if you check off your habits and lessons. Your coach also uses this to see how well you are doing! It is very handy.

Do I need internet access to do the 12 Week Challenge?

We are kind of being serious. But yes, you will need daily access to internet to do the program. All your CK App, lessons, food logging, coach messaging, coach chats, etc…everything is through internet access.

Are your CK coaches dietitians?

Our coaches are not registered dietitians or nutritionist. Our coaches are Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Coaches, which is a lifestyle coaching certification. We primarily coach lifestyle habits, planning and cooking strategies, and recipes to inspire our clients to make better food choices and implement healthy daily habits.

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