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C O A C H   J A M I E

JAMIE PAGE is a co-founder of the Clean Kitchen program, which was created and began with one goal in mind— to help people change their life by simple habits, and more importantly to teach them how to apply simple strategies and tips to make healthy choices a habit every single day.

Jamie started her own health and fitness journey after the birth of her son. In 2011, she began working out at Versus Strength & Conditioning. It took one full year to lose the 50 pounds from her pregnancy and said good bye to the size 14 pants. Through the journey she began to piece together and fine tune habits, while experimenting in the kitchen with recipes which are all now influences of the Clean Kitchen program.

“Too many people think the fast-track to results is best. In reality, people really do want to become the type of person who likes to live a healthy lifestyle, they just do not know how to get there. Or they have a warped way of understanding what it means to “be healthy.”

You have to “become” the person who earned these results. You have to learn to live the habits of other healthy individuals. In time, you become the habits where you do not think so much about the outcome, but you just live in the process. These habits just become "what you do." And that is the sweet spot because it is not stressful. That is how the results end up sticking. Because you became the person who earned the results that are bought with time and effort.”

Jamie lives in Hattiesburg, MS with her husband Brian and son, Bishop. If she is not brainstorming new CK recipe ideas, doing cooking demos or documenting her meals for the Gram, you can find her working on her fitness or coaching at Versus Strength and Conditioning. She has been coaching since 2012, but prior to a career change to coaching, she worked as a graphic designer. Why the big career change? Well, it just kind of happened when her love for fitness and food grew together. And now she gets to use all her talents as designer, home cook and coach in one spot— Clean Kitchen!

Q & A   W I T H   C O A C H  J A M I E 

“You know the saying, “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime?” We are teaching people to fish, but we also give him the rod, tell him what kind of bait is best, and where to find the best fish. We created CK not to just teach the steps, but we really get you involved in changing what you do and how you do it.”

My favorite moment of every 12 Week Challenge comes a little after mid-way through the challenge, when the newness wears off. Habits are clicking for clients a little better, but then BOOM, they hit a bad day where things do not go as planned and they have to “wing it.” But to their surprise they actually make the right choices, with ease and way less stress. It is an “ah-ha” moment they did not realize was coming. They realize these habits are becoming “choices” that are engrained in their mind.”

"Easy— breakfast!! I can eat it any meal of the day. My long-time go to is veggie packed egg white omelet with Parmesan cheese. My veggies in my omelet usually include yellow squash and spinach. For my side, I love sautéing chopped asparagus with the J. Olive Co. Espresso Balsamic and pour it over rice! Sounds weird but it is seriously one of my favorite things to eat."

“That is tough because all of them hold a special place in my heart! But I would say the one I use the most would be the Turkey Burgers. I have some form of turkey burger salad every single week. It is my go-to fast meal. But my favorite “meal” recipes would probably be CK Asian Beef & Noodles, Harissa-Espresso BBQ meatballs, and Sweet Potato Lasagna. Oh and Sloppy Joes! See told you I could not pick!”