You can’t “out-work” a bad diet


By Stephanie Pierce, CK Fall 2016

I joined a Versus Boot Camp class in March 2016. I really enjoyed working out with the group. But as time went on I was frustrated. I was always one of the last to finish in the workouts and I couldn’t understand why my body wasn’t changing. I was working out like a maniac without much to show for it. In boot camp we learn some basic information about nutrition, but I would always say, “I love Versus but I’m not giving up the foods I love.” I am a confessed sugar addict. A few friends had done the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge so I was intrigued but still not convinced I could do it.

After a free Saturday workout at Versus, I stayed and listened to Coach Jamie talk about Clean Kitchen and thought I might could handle it so I signed up. I signed up because I wanted to perform better and lead a healthier lifestyle. I remember reading the Clean Kitchen Makeover Packet the first day it started; and then having a total meltdown at boot camp class. I felt awful too! I told my coach I had just waisted my money and there was no way I could do it. She encouraged me and the CK coaches explained that “feeling awful” was because my body was detoxing from all the sugar it was used to. They told me to just focus on sticking to the 4 Big Habits in any capacity. I stuck with it and day by day I focused on checking off my habits and following the lessons. Little by little things got easier and more habitual! And luckily the sugar detox faze didn’t last too long!

I was amazed that the Clean Kitchen recipes were actually good! Even my husband made comments that they didn’t taste like diet food and my toddler enjoyed them. I understand now that those so-called-healthy-foods I had been eating were really packed with sugar and other ingredients my body didn’t need. I understand the difference between processed foods and whole foods, and why the difference is so important. God created plants and animals to give us food, not factories, and I am now enjoying the fruits of the Earth!

I have finished 12 weeks of eating clean and I am loving real foods! This has been unlike any ‘diet’ I’ve ever done before. It is not a “restrictive diet” you are familiar with. Far from it! Clean Kitchen teaches you to eat! It’s shown me that the quality of the foods I eat are important and it has truly changed my lifestyle and the way I think about food. I’ve lost 18 pounds, I can do real push-ups and burpees, I’ve gotten stronger moving up in weights in class, my 5k time has improved, but most importantly I feel amazing and have more energy to keep up with my 2 year old.

If you’re skeptical about being able to succeed with the Clean Kitchen 12 week Challenge, take my advice and go ahead and take the plunge! You will not regret it! If a sugar addict like me can do it and succeed, you can too!

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