Winter 2017 CK Challenge Results



That is the total combined pounds lost of all the clients who just finished the Winter 2017 Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge. Honestly, that number is probably much higher but some people did not log final measurements! That number has nothing on inches lost by all participants.  We are SO proud of every group that comes through CK. This group is no different. Each of them conquered not only physical barriers, but mental barriers.

As a group they lost almost 1000 POUNDS of body fat off their bodies.

And even though it is not required to turn in a progress picture, a handful did and you can SEE the change in not just a number on the scale. Below are examples of many types of progress. Some lost up to 30-45 pounds, majority where in the 10-15 pound range, and some lost 2-5 pounds. I tell you these numbers because I know you hold value in the scale and it will grab your attention. But going through the CK Challenge is not about losing the most weight on the scale. It’s about becoming aware of what you are doing. It’s about learning these new habits and strategies.  It’s about how consistent can you be. And then you can watch the results fall into place and possibly win $1000! Our winner was not the “biggest loser” in weight, but she was the most visible change voted on by her fellow CKers. The scale is just a tool of measurement, but it does not define how far we have come. There is so much more progressed measured than just by a scale. Just ask our clients what we mean!

How do you measure your progress? We can show you a whole new way of thinking and living when it comes to your progress and it starts with a few habit changes. The new challenge starts very soon! Read about the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge here.


Winner of Winter 2017 Challenge and $1000 CASH!


Read about the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge here.

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