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Anne followed the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Program completely online and from out of town. For the Fall 12 Week Challenge, we have made it even easier to access our program with our brand new Clean Kitchen Client App and website. Here’s more from out Q&A with Anne about her experience in the 12 Week Challenge!

Did you find the program easy to follow as an online course?

Yes! I was able to use my phone for everything – communicate with my coach via email, food log via the Google sheets app, read the daily educational emails and take pictures of recipes for easy grocery shopping. I never felt disconnected or at a disadvantage by living out of town.

Have you found the lessons helpful or overwhelming?

I needed the daily educational emails to give me the “why and how” to my goal. It’s one thing to tell someone they should drink more water or eat more veggies but when you give them facts and real life examples of what those habits can do for you, it educated me to put the habits into action.

How you are feeling about your overall progress?

My goal was to lose at least 10 pounds but most importantly, to have more energy to keep up with my two little boys this summer. I lost 10 and I have not missed a beat this summer! I wear those boys out every day! I feel a million times better. I’m not chugging coffee all day or dreading the afternoon slump. Food is my source of energy now. I now feel light and energized enough to shift my goal more towards exercise and building strength. I probably could have lost more weight if I incorporated regular exercise throughout the 12 weeks but I’m glad I first learned the habits. That’s what had been missing for me!

Have you tried many of the CK recipes so far?

I hated grocery shopping, cooking and meal planning before I started CK. I would shop for the entire week in one trip; which made me feel overwhelmed and like a failure at providing meals for my family. We also wasted a ton of food because I had no plan! Thank goodness for CK’s 3 day meal plan! It has made total sense to me; and all the difference for my family. My grocery trips are short and easy! I’m not throwing anything into the basket anymore and we never waste food. The recipes are easy and tasty!

How do you feel CK has helped you in your daily lifestyle and habits?

I look to food for my energy now. I’m looking forward to exercising more and learning how fitness accompanies my new food habits. I’ve learned how to grocery shop, plan and cook without frustration. I have a plan and purpose for my family to learn what real food is!



We are very excited to reveal our brand new CK Client App and Website! You will have Clean Kitchen at your finger tips through out your 12 Week Challenge.


Check out all the sign up details about the next Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge here!

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