The Big Picture: “Don’t be psycho”


Have you ever been so wrapped up in the small details, that you forget about the big picture? You end up obsessing over things like, whether or not you ate carbs post-workout or not. Did you eat enough grams of protein? Too much fat? Or you even feel guilty you ate pizza and it wasn’t “on a workout day.”

Complexity is the silent killer of progress.

Think of it as “mowing the lawn while your house is on fire.”


Counting macros, carb-cycling, taking the latest and greatest supplements, meal timing are all just “splitting hairs” in comparison to the big picture.

In the Big Picture you will not always be 100% focused on your “plan.” Carb-cycling, meal timing, counting macros, it gets tiring if you try to live that way or even think you have to all the time. The Big Picture is being great at the basics and being okay with that. If you think you need “more,” you need to assess what area is your weakness and work on that. Adding complexity for the sake of thinking you need more of a challenging plan is usually a recipe for failure. (Same goes for workouts!)

This is the conversation Coach Meredith and I were having the other day and led us to come up with our own little challenge:

The Plant Challenge

Of all the “nutrition” strategies I have tried, nothing makes me feel better than when I am on my A-game eating more plants. It is the one thing I push my clients to get really good at, even over protein.


Because it is the one habit most everyone is weak at. It is the one habit that can change your body from feeling “just okay,” to feeling like a super hero. Plants are your vitamins.

EAT ALL THE PLANTS is our goal. Our original thought was throw out all our stressing and just focus on some good, simple eating. Fruit or veggies count. Really any plant from the ground. We want to get consistently 10-12 servings per day for 12 weeks.

We are clearing the clutter. Taking a couple of “have to’s” off our list and just keeping one. Less stress, just eat the plants and see where it takes us.

We all slack in our eating habits at some point. And sometimes it is good just to put forth and simple task of “eat as many plants as I can” to help get me back focused on what really matters. Currently, its like a game for us and we keep each other updated on our “score” for the day. It has taken the focus off of any other “pyscho” type eating habits and put us on a path that will benefit us no matter what. The way I see it, 10-12 servings a day may be difficult, but if I am anywhere close to it, I win. Do you want to join us?

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