Winter Squash Guide


Fall is here and so are the seasonal produce! Are you a little intimidated by cooking with those big beautiful squashes? You shouldn’t be. Once you know what they are and how yummy these guys can be, you’ll be making your weekly meal plan all season with them!

Most squash are delicious if you have time to roast them and let the natural sugars caramelize. Depending on size of the pieces you cook, most are good to roast around 400 degrees for 45 minutes.

Splitting them open and scooping the seeds out is the hardest part, so if you want to skip that part just cook them in a pressure cooker! Simply pierce the squash with knife holes and set it and forget it. A good start time would be 15 minutes for a 3 pound squash, then add a few minutes for every pound after that. You’ll be able to cut and scrape out the insides with ease.

In this article we break down some of the different winter squashes you can cook with, along with CK Recipes to get you started. And great news—most winter squash are interchangeable, so feel free to substitute them out in the different recipes. Experiment with a new one you’ve never tried before!

Got some other ideas for us? Post them in the comments below! We’d love to hear how you use your winter squashes!

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