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“Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations…it doesn’t matter how successful or unsuccessful you are right now. What matters is whether your habits are putting you on the path toward success. You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than your current results.” —James Clear, Atomic Habits

At Clean Kitchen, we firmly believe that most things are not left up to chance, and if you want true change you have to take action. This is why we created the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge—to help you learn the daily habits and actions it takes to create a healthy life, not just for weight loss.

Clean Kitchen is not a program with the goal of losing the most weight or strict macro-counting. We are a program that teaches small, daily changes can add up to big results.

Our goal is to change your way of thinking, acting, and planning on a daily basis. We teach people how to eat for life—and real life is not weighing food on a scale or counting macros or points.

So if you are reading this thinking you want to enroll in our 12 Week Program to lose a bunch a weight by some drastic meal plan or strict system, just to gain it all back after your are finished, this is not the program for you. We want clients who are committed to a true brain re-train.

Clean Kitchen is a journey unlike anything you have experienced. So come with an open mind and willingness to be a beginner. Whether you need to shed a bunch of pounds or if you have specific body composition goals, the path all starts with the foundational habits and whether or not you can be consistent at those habits. The “level” of your habits all depends on what you are capable of doing (right now) and your goal.

But let’s get to the real reason you clicked this link—the food.

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Happy New Year!


NOW IS YOUR NEW YEAR CHANCE. Do not let another excuse get the best of you!

If you have been thinking about “maybe doing the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge,” now is the time to sign up! From now through the end of Jan 1, 2016 use promo code “JAN16” to receive 10% the full price of our 12 Week Challenge! This deal will expire Jan 1, 2016 at 11:59 PM!
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ANYONE can do this. Even if you live in Alaska.

We are completely online. You have the Versus Strength & Conditioning coaches at your finger tips, even if you are not a member of Versus!

Versus Members, you get your membership bumped up to UNLIMITED classes for the entire 12 weeks!! *You must at least have a 2-day week membership to be eligible.

Still on the fence?
You need to think of this as an investment in yourself. CK will teach you how to live and eat healthy for life. Only by living this way will you guarantee yourself to be healthy, look healthy, and never have another New Year’s resolution to “get healthy.”

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