No sugar added?


With all the advertisements for “healthier” and “no sugar added” food options out there, it can be really hard to figure out which is best. Here at Clean Kitchen, we are all about eating whole foods and our 12 Week program teaches how to plan, prep, cook and eat healthy foods in real life. It is not a diet, it is not a meal plan. It learning how to eat healthy. And you need to learn how to do it if you want a good, quality life. Check out stories of others just like you, who learned our strategies.

But the package says “no added sugar” so it has got to be better for me!

Hold up right there. There is difference in reading food labels and food ingredients. The CK program teaches you how to read both. Just because the ads or packages say they are good for you, does not mean it’s truthful. That’s called advertising. Anyone who knows a thing or two about nutrition knows sugar is your worst enemy. Most prepackaged foods are loaded with it no matter what the food package claims. Even the “healthy” looking ones.

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