The “Ah-Ha” moments


By Samantha McCain

Tolstoy is quoted for saying, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

What sucks (for lack of a better word), is that I have the patience of a toddler and time is the only thing I always need more of. Or, so I thought.

I’ve been a member of Versus Strength and Conditioning for four years. I’ve also participated in the “I Am Versus” challenge twice. I say all of that to say … I was convinced I knew everything I needed to know about eating clean and sticking with the habits.

But I was wrong. Really, really wrong.

It didn’t matter how much I “knew.” What mattered most was action. And to be very clear, my daily actions were a grave miss for the most part.

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“Skinny” doesn’t mean “healthy”


Kimberly has always been naturally thin and not what you might call an “overweight” person. You may look at her and think she doesn’t have any weight to lose. But she needed Clean Kitchen. Being “skinny” doesn’t mean “healthy.” Being healthy is so much more than counting calories for the rest of your life. It actually has nothing to do with counting calories. Being healthy has everything to do with what you habitually do everyday. That is where Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge can come in.

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Trust the Process


“I couldn’t believe this way of eating was in any way going to help me reach my goals. This was unlike any ‘diet’ I had ever tried before and literally just didn’t make sense.”

by Traci Massey

I think I have tried every diet under the sun. It seems like I have been on a diet of some sort my entire life (whether I needed to be or not). You’ve heard the saying, “I only exercise because I love food.” That’s pretty much me…my life…except I never really exercised. I would eat and then diet and then eat and gain weight again and diet again.

In February 2010 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer. I’m now 6 years out and cancer free, but something changed after my treatments. I didn’t care about dieting any more. I continued to eat what I wanted and did very little exercise. You would think I would have become a health nut and worked hard to be healthy after enduring 6 months of harsh cancer treatments, but I did the opposite. I just kind of gave up and did what I wanted to do and ate whatever I wanted to eat.

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CK is not a “Diet” Program


I have never thought of losing weight and getting healthy as an easy or fun task until my experience with Versus Clean Kitchen.  In my long history of finding the magic weigh loss program, I found most required immediate drastic change into a healthy lifestyle which never lasted more than 2 months.  What I needed to be successful was a slow and steady transition into creating healthy habits.  This is exactly what Clean Kitchen offered and why I was comfortable and successful throughout the 12 weeks. Each week built upon the previous which provided structure and sensibility.

I was a little skeptical of the online format at first simply because I thought I needed face-to-face interaction in order to remain accountable.  The online format proved to be easy and very user-friendly.  I was able to communicate with my coach when I needed extra support and she always responded in less than a day.  In fact, most of us have such busy schedules that I am not sure if having to meet would be more stressful than having the online format available.

The daily emails provided support and reinforced the reasoning and science behind the weekly habits.  There were mornings when I would wake up not feeling it and then the email would come in and completely change my perspective on the day.

There have been times when life was challenging during the 12 weeks and I wanted to grab for the comfort food but instead went for a walk until the craving past.  Now those cravings are much less and I can tell my entire relationship with food is much more positive and healthy.  I absolutely loved my experience with Coach Kellar and CK . I am so impressed with the ease and sensibility of the program.

-Leslie LaVergne, CK Summer 2016

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Laurin Hensley

“You can’t workout enough to combat poor eating choices”
Laurin Hensley, January 2015 – April 2015 and still going!
Laurin pictured here before she started Clean Kitchen, then 4 months into her new lifestyle!

Laurin pictured here before she started Clean Kitchen, then 4 months into her new lifestyle!

“I have been a yoyo dieter for as long as I can remember. I was overweight from childhood until after college. lost approximately 40 lbs after college, but could never maintain a consistent weight.  I tried every diet fad and magic pill around thinking there had to be an easier way. Finally, I turned to exercise with what I thought was a healthy diet. But at least exercise crept into the picture. I would exercise 3-4 days a week and eat semi-clean from Monday through Friday afternoon, but devour any and everything I wanted Friday through Sunday. I would say ‘I DESERVE it after my hard work and discipline during the week.’  I began to slowly creep back up the scales.  Saying surely I’m just building muscle. Then, when the pants no longer fit and ‘the dryer kept shrinking my clothes,’ I knew it wasn’t muscle.  But, I continued to keep the same unhealthy eating habits and tried to increase the intensity of my workouts with no results.  I had about decided it must be my thyroid or my metabolism was sluggish after turning thirty. It couldn’t be the cake, candy, wine, burgers, pizza, and fries I had eaten over the weekend. I mean I worked hard and deserved it.  I was in such denial. In a last-ditch effort, before going to the Dr. to test my thyroid, I signed up for the clean kitchen and IAV. And who would have thought I am down 10 pounds!!!!   That is a huge deal for this girl.  It is so true that nutrition is the key to looking fit and lean.  You can’t workout enough to combat poor eating choices   I am so pleased with my results and so grateful to the coaches for changing my outlook on food and nutrition.
       This is a process. Trust it. Live it. Do it. You will be pleased with your outcomes. Prep, prep, prep that food. It will keep you on track and focused. It is the ticket to success. Having a fridge full of fresh and ready food to eat will limit your poor choices. No more running through McDonald’s, you already have something at home waiting on you. Enjoy your new start, learn everything you can, ask anything you can think of, and consider this a lifestyle change not a diet. You will feel 100% better, sleep better, have better self-esteem, and like how clothes look on you again.  Make goals and reach them and make more.  It’s a continual process.   Our unhealthy body wasn’t built in a day, so the healthy body and mindset take time too.  Like I said, use this time to learn the most you can. Good luck. I hope this fitness journey becomes a lifestyle and you have amazing results.”