T1D + CK


By Heather Williams

I’ve been a Type-1 Diabetic going on 15 years.

Living with T1D is a full-time balancing act requiring constant attention to avoid acute, life-threatening hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or the long-term damage done by hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Blood sugar levels must be monitored with finger pricks throughout the day and night. Insulin doses must then be carefully calculated based upon activity and stress levels, food intake, illness and additional factors. These calculations are rarely perfect resulting in tremendous ups and downs and mental exhaustion.

People with Type 1 have a life expectancy that is 12 years shorter, on average, than that of the average population. I refuse to accept this statistic and will do everything that is within my control to live a long, active and healthy life. This is why I signed up for the Clean Kitchen 12 week Challenge.

With weight gain from medications and it being a constant battle to stay in good control, I wanted to see if Clean Kitchen could help with my eating habits, which in return would help my blood sugar levels.

My fasting blood sugar was a little high on Day 1 of Clean Kitchen. But after 12 weeks in Clean Kitchen my basal insulin was reduced by 45%, my bolus insulin reduced to 0.5-1, and lowered Hg a1C by 0.3.

I could not be happier with the results. I feel better, have great energy, slept better, and lost extra weight I had picked up. But the biggest difference Clean Kitchen made was in my diabetes. And for that I will be forever thankful. I lowered my hemoglobin a1c from 6.8 to 6.5 (which is awesome), and I did it while reducing my basal insulin consumption by 45% and drastically reducing my bolus insulin for food intake!

I lost 10 pounds and 16 inches from my body!

Thank you Coach Anna, Coach Stephanie, and to everyone at Clean Kitchen for helping me make this possible and help me feel in control of my T1D!


It’s about practice, not perfection.


By Dana Q. Palmer

For me, the Clean Kitchen Challenge was a desperate attempt to find something that was missing in my life. You see, although I am a successful and happy adult, my day-to-day life was chaotic. I would awake before 5 am to commute 1.5 hours to work. I never ate breakfast, worked through lunch, and would commute home to gorge myself until I crashed into bed every night. I was tired all the time; I had been diagnosed with IBS (a default diagnosis after the doctor could find no medical reason for my painful symptoms); my weight was ballooning; I had zero stamina; and I was losing my happiness.

I felt I had control over nothing.

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The Big Picture: “Don’t be psycho”


Have you ever been so wrapped up in the small details, that you forget about the big picture? You end up obsessing over things like, whether or not you ate carbs post-workout or not. Did you eat enough grams of protein? Too much fat? Or you even feel guilty you ate pizza and it wasn’t “on a workout day.”

Complexity is the silent killer of progress.

Think of it as “mowing the lawn while your house is on fire.”


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You can’t “out-work” a bad diet


By Stephanie Pierce, CK Fall 2016

I joined a Versus Boot Camp class in March 2016. I really enjoyed working out with the group. But as time went on I was frustrated. I was always one of the last to finish in the workouts and I couldn’t understand why my body wasn’t changing. I was working out like a maniac without much to show for it. In boot camp we learn some basic information about nutrition, but I would always say, “I love Versus but I’m not giving up the foods I love.” I am a confessed sugar addict. A few friends had done the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge so I was intrigued but still not convinced I could do it.

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6 Months later: Summer 2016 Client Update!


Client update 11/23/10:

We encourage our clients to keep up with taking progress pictures as they continue outside of the Clean Kitchen Challenge. Even better is when they send us updates! Here is a client from the Summer 2016 progress pictures. First set is start of CK challenge, second is the end of CK Challenge, and third is 3 months post CK Challenge. Our clients learn it is not just 12 weeks, it’s a lifestyle of habits that keep you going. It is not about being perfect, because no one ever is. The journey is about awareness and making good decisions for yourself without someone telling you to. In the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge you learn HOW to do this. Healthy habits are actually very simple. It takes effort and work, but it is not the restrictive or as complicated as you imagine.We can not wait to see what happens in another 6 months!!!

The Winter 2017, CK 12 Week Challenge: Jan 22 – April 22nd, 2017

BLACK FRIDAY registration and 15% OFF • ONLY NOVEMBER 25th, 2016 *


Change the input to get a different output


This is my story of where I started at Versus and ended up in the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge. An honest account of what I thought I was getting into only to realize it was the complete opposite of all my assumptions.

By Julie Kitchens, Fall 2016 Challenge Winner

I’m an overachiever by nature. More often than not if I set my mind to do something it will get done and it will be done well. I can say that about most everything in my life except weight loss. Weight loss was always the one thing out of reach. The one thing that was most likely impossible. When I look back on how I actually got to this conclusion I think it comes from a lifetime of failed weight loss endeavors. Failed diets and failed fitness routines and failed self-talk ….Lots of FAILURE.

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The “Ah-Ha” moments


By Samantha McCain

Tolstoy is quoted for saying, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

What sucks (for lack of a better word), is that I have the patience of a toddler and time is the only thing I always need more of. Or, so I thought.

I’ve been a member of Versus Strength and Conditioning for four years. I’ve also participated in the “I Am Versus” challenge twice. I say all of that to say … I was convinced I knew everything I needed to know about eating clean and sticking with the habits.

But I was wrong. Really, really wrong.

It didn’t matter how much I “knew.” What mattered most was action. And to be very clear, my daily actions were a grave miss for the most part.

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The want to improve health


Have you said to yourself, more than a thousand times, “I need to lose weight, I need  to eat better, I need to exercise more.” Everyone has. We fall into our daily routine trap of doing whatever is quickest and less work. Why? Because we are all overloaded to the max with responsibilities, self-inflicted or not. When it comes to our duties, to the want to improve health, a lot of us put our health on the back burner because we are “doing the best we can.”

Really? Do you really think you are doing the best you can?

Is there not a moment when you are sitting in line at the fast food drive thru and you can not think of any other healthier food option? Do other restaurants not serve unprocessed meats, veggies, fruits?

I think you know what we are getting at.

What is missing in that moment is the “want to” change.

There is a difference in “need to” make a change and the “want to” make a change. Everyone needs to change, but not everyone wants to change. Not everyone has the want to improve health

“I need to eat better. My cholesterol is out of control.”

But this usually controlled with meds and no change in diet. So you do not really understand the severity of the problem. Or it doesn’t really hit home because hey, you’ve got a pill for that right?

“I want to eat better to be healthier and live longer and not a sick life.”

A majority of people are motivated to change when it is the last straw. Something has gotten out of control and there is no other solution but to change. You are motivated by some kind of fear, and that fear is what supplies the want to improve health. Honestly, you should be kind of fearful of where your health is going if you live off of fast food and processed foods. Just watch Fed Up and you will get it. Even if you think you eat healthy, this is a must watch.

If you have no idea what is considered “processed” foods, then start doing your research. You will live longer for it. And just maybe once you find out some of the benefits to changing your eating habits, the “need to improve health” might change to the “want to improve health.”

The most successful clients have the “want to.”

They want to try a different way of eating. These clients want to try new foods. They want to make a lifestyle change and really learn why we should all eat healthier. Change is welcomed.

Making one step towards change could be simply reading this blog post, watching Fed Up, or picking up a rotisserie chicken and some veggies for dinner tonight. Change can happen on a random day or night, you just decide in the moment. There does not have to be some big plan laid out to make a smarter decision.

Clean Kitchen is a great first step in changing your habits. It will flip upside down your whole perspective on what it really means to eat healthy. It is not some crazy meal plan or fad diet scheme. Clean Kitchen 28 Day Program is about educating you on what whole foods are, what processed foods are, how to shop for whole foods and more importantly, how to implement them into your daily life every week. It is nutrition boot camp.

Change the “need to” into action! CK is one month that can set you up for success in the kitchen for the rest of your life.

Our Clean Kitchen Coaches are ready to guide you. All it takes is that first step. Link to sign up below!

February session starts Feb 2, 2015

March session starts March 2, 2015