Sound Bites: Month 2


Month 2 of the Clean Kitchen Challenge is a really important phase for clients. Month 2 is when things really start clicking and clients start trusting the process. We asked clients in a survey, how do you feel your CK experience has gone so far? Here is what they had to say about implementing their new habits and coaching of the 12 Week Challenge.

“I thought the “habits” were too simple to really make a difference. But it works. We haven’t found ourselves unprepared in any situation.”

“I love the speed at which new information is being given. It isn’t overwhelming. I have also found this program easy to follow.”

“I love the four simple habits and that I’m actually doing them. Grocery shopping is fun and meal prepping has changed my life. I no longer stress about what to fix for dinner.”

“…it is becoming second nature now to think before I eat something or buy anything at the grocery. I am pleased with the food prep, planning and no food waste! CK has been encouraging but not micro managing this process.”

“It’s real life. It’s a choice that isn’t made once a day, it’s making the right choices all day long.”

“Even though I may not have always logged by food, I still followed the habits and (progress) shows by the weight loss and my energy level!”

“I’m encouraged that the habits are becoming more automatic for me. I feel like it’s taking less brain power to map out my meals and I love that!”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how easy to understand the process has been. The app has been a great tool. I have a much better understanding of nutrition in general now.”

“It has taught me to make smarter choices and about proper portion sizes. I have found out that many foods I used to eat that I thought were healthy were not what the said they were. Also, I love the support and encouragement from all of the coaches!!! They rock!”



“The program is excellent!! Its a learning process! My coach is encouraging and straight forward which is what I need to be successful.”

“My coach has been very available to me whenever I have questions about anything. I’ve always appreciated the feedback and encouragement I have gotten.”

“I am pleased with the new habits I am learning and implementing. I consistently have good food choices available due to weekly prep. I am spending less on eating out due to having available options. I have lost inches and weight and still have a long way to go to get to a healthy weight, but I have a plan that works and that I can maintain. The program is consists of great information, plans to achieve your goals and accountability until you get your habits in place. I appreciate the encouragement and advice I have gotten from Coach Michael. I am glad I signed up for Clean Kitchen. It was money well spent.”

“My mindset has changed. Instead of short term gratifications, I think beyond that moment to how does this add to my goals of being healthy. This experience has changed my mind from dieting to living a lifestyle of being healthy.”

“The 80/20 concept helps me to not beat myself up about eating unhealthy…The four habits are engraved in my mind. And, to top it all off, I have more energy and less cravings for unhealthy foods. In my world, I WIN!!! CK has been a game changer for me!! I embrace my new lifestyle because I am equipped with the knowledge and habits.”

Learn more about the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge here.

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