“Skinny” doesn’t mean “healthy”


Kimberly has always been naturally thin and not what you might call an “overweight” person. You may look at her and think she doesn’t have any weight to lose. But she needed Clean Kitchen. Being “skinny” doesn’t mean “healthy.” Being healthy is so much more than counting calories for the rest of your life. It actually has nothing to do with counting calories. Being healthy has everything to do with what you habitually do everyday. That is where Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge can come in.

I’m naturally thin and for the most part have gotten by with a semi-active lifestyle and eating whatever I want. Six years ago when I struggled to get pregnant, doctors told me to eat, eat, eat in order to gain weight. So I did and let me tell you my eating habits were bad. A year later, God blessed us with twins but during my pregnancy I had gained 50 pounds (nearly half my body weight). The first 30 came off quickly but the last 20 hung around.

I finally got back in the gym when my twins turned 3 and worked to get back on what I thought was a healthier diet. I had some success with the Weight Watchers but I was gaming the system and not necessarily making healthy choices (chocolate chip cookies fit in my daily points allotment = a win in my book). The moment I stopped counting every single calorie the scale moved back up.

I decided 2016 was the year I would finally get my health in check. I have two beautiful and very energetic kiddos to keep up with and I wanted to feel better about myself. I started working out at a local gym 3-4 times a week and after 3 months realized in order to see any real change I had get my eating in line too. A close friend of mine had great success with Clean Kitchen so after convincing my hubby the investment would be worth it, I jumped in. I was finally ready to make a lifestyle change for the better.

I took my initial measurements and had the body composition done which was a major eye opener for me. My body fat percentage fell into the worst category and I am only 33! I shared that number with a friend and they lovingly told me I was the skinniest fat person they knew. And they were right.

At the end of 12 weeks, I was down 7 pounds and 15 inches. I am very happy with my results but this journey has just started. I finally felt confident enough in myself to join Versus. I cannot wait to see my 6 and 12 month results. This program has become my new normal. I no longer wander around the grocery store unsure what to buy. I have a plan before I ever walk in the door. Its not a question of whether I will have a protein and vegetable with a meal its what type and how many. Over the CK 12 weeks, the habits will transform the way you put together your meals. Your mind and body will thank you for it!

Kimberly Gattuso, Summer 2016 CK Challenge

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  1. Amy Ware

    That’s great Kim! Thank you for sharing. I started boot camp this week with Versus. Loving it! Have lots to learn about the diet.

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