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Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge Summer 2022

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***NOTE*** DO NOT "opt out of emails" if you purchase the CK Challenge! This is how you will get your log in information email at the start of Challenge. This is an online program and we need to be able to reach you through email.

Clean Kitchen | Nutrition Lifestyle Program

Clean Kitchen is not a “diet.” CK is more than just a 90 day program. It is a lifestyle coaching course that will change your habits and the way you think about food for life.

Most diet programs fail because they are too complicated.  That's why we coach lifestyle habits that are simple and easily maintained!

There is no shortage of information on the internet about nutrition and weight-loss. Question is, why are so many people still struggling to reach their goals?

All the knowledge in the world means absolutely nothing if you do not know how to apply it. This is where we come in—the three areas where people usually fail:

1. Commitment—people lack to energy to stay for the long-haul because their plan is too complicated for their current lifestyle.

2. Complexity— the silent killer of progress. You don’t need a complicated meal plan. You need consistency with the 5 Foundational Habits.

3. Accountability—Our coaches get you, and we know when to pull you on track if you start to stray.

For 12 weeks, our coaches will work with you to develop daily habits that can transform your health, and help hold yourself accountable to the simple habits found in the CK 12 Week Program.

(Next Program Begins on May 6, 2022)
  • Accountability: Receive a dedicated coach in your corner, to help you solidify the habits that will help you reach your goals.
  • Knowledge: Learn to create your own customized plan that adjusts to your body and works with your schedule.
  • Access to the Clean Kitchen Client App.
  • Application: Knowledge without application means nothing. Learn how to apply all the major CK habits (water, protein, plants, portions).
  • Receive awesome and tasty recipes, and never sacrifice great food.
  • Freedom: Feel great, love the food and have peace of mind knowing that you're doing all of the rights things to meet your health goals—without having to count macros or calories.