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Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge Summer 2020

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The Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge

Clean Kitchen is NOT a diet. Clean Kitchen is also more than a "90 day program". CK is a personalized lifestyle coaching program that is much more effective than any fad diet program out there. For 12 weeks we will ween you into doing away with bad habits and replace them with habits that holistically change your body composition, leading to natural and healthy weight loss.


(Next Program Begins on May 10th, 2020)


  • Accountability: Receive a dedicated coach in your corner, to help you solidify the habits that will help you reach your goals.
  • Knowledge: Learn to create your own customized plan that adjusts to your body and works with your schedule.
  • Access to the Clean Kitchen Client App.
  • Application: Knowledge without application means nothing. Learn how to apply all the major CK habits (water, protein, plants, portions).
  • Receive awesome and tasty recipes, and never sacrifice great food.
  • Freedom: Feel great, love the food and have peace of mind knowing that you're doing all of the rights things to meet your health goals—without having to count macros or calories.

Getting Started:

Step 1:  Sign up for the challenge by checking out with this in your cart. Our checkout is fast and secured through Shopify.

Step 2:  Wait for May 10th, and enjoy the free recipes and tips we send you in the meantime.

Step 3:  Our coaching staff will reach out to you to get you set-up and started on the 12 week program.