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C O A C H   S T E P H A N I E

STEPHANIE MAYFIELD began her Clean Kitchen life back before there was even a “Clean Kitchen,” as Coach Jamie’s first guinea pig. During that time, she lost 60 pounds after having her second child, Knox.

Stephanie's daughter, Maddy, was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the age of 4, which drove her more into the world of learning better eating habits not only for herself, but for her family as well.

Stephanie eventually became an official CK Coach in 2016, and to this day still hates salads and is continuously proving to her clients you can make the plant habit work no matter your preference in plants. She likes what we call “warm salads,” also known as cooked vegetables, but let’s be honest, her plant habit is mostly fruit—and that’s OKAY!

“One thing I like to tell my clients when they are not too fond of a food or meal is something Melanie Roberson of @melshealthymeals told me, ‘You don’t have to like plants, you just have to eat them.’ You just have to find a way you do like them, and it may not be how other people like to eat them. Learn to love them your way. Because when it comes down to it, that is what you have to learn to do to be a healthy individual for life.”

Stephanie lives in Hattiesburg, MS with her husband, John and 2 children Maddy and Knox. She is full time mom and enjoys spending time with family at The Oasis (home), working out, and loves a good beach trip!

Q & A   W I T H   C O A C H   S T E P H A N I E 

Being able to encourage people onto a path they did not think was possible to stay on. Because we have such a “common sense” approach to eating habits, it makes my job easy. I just have to encourage people to keep going when they start doubting the process. The magic is in the process and it is a beautiful thing to watch unfold!

Dinner time! I’m not a big breakfast eater and I’m usually running around like crazy during the day for lunch. But dinner time is when things can slow down…and I can catch up on my plant habit for the day haha!

Well, because I love a “warm salad,” it is the CK Sweet and Spicy Collard greens! I’m obsessed. The Lentil Taco soup is another I cook on repeat in the cooler months.