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C O A C H   M A T T

MATT LEE is a Clean Kitchen coach, as well as a coach at Versus Strength and Conditioning. He runs the Versus “west” location. He also dabbles in mindset/ encouragement philosophy on his own Instagram page, We highly suggest you go give him a follow if you want some daily reminders and tips to start your day with some great perspective!

He has been coaching for Clean Kitchen and Versus for around 5 years. He gets pure joy out of riding shotgun and cheering folks on the journey to their success.

Few important facts you should know about Matt and why you want him as your coach:
• He is the self proclaimed high five champion of the world!! We’d have to agree he gives some epic high-fives.
• You may think it sounds a little cheesy, but he truly believes in (and preaches), “trust the process!” There is no short cut to long term success!

Matt lives in Hattiesburg, MS and is married to CK Coach Jeni Lee. They have two boys, Carson and Fisher. When he is not coaching, working out, or slinging mindset knowledge on Instagram, he loves to be outside playing on the lake with his family. He also loves some golf and basketball. 

Q & A   W I T H   C O A C H   M A T T 

It’s two things:

1- when they finally let go of all the things they know or thought they knew and give into the process. It’s very freeing for them!

2- progress pictures. The ultimate proof of the process! 

Haha! The one I’m currently eating!! 

This. Is. Easy. Sweet potato lasagna! The best. Even better the second or third day. Most food with a sauce is better the next day. If you don’t do leftovers, try it. I guarantee you will change your outlook on the old next day reheat! Though my favorite foods are Asian. I love sushi. I feel like it’s the perfect food. CK Sushi Bowl will hit the spot when I can’t get out for it!