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C O A C H   K E L L A R

KELLAR MCALISTER is the Co-Owner of Versus Strength and Conditioning. Versus is the home base of The Clean Kitchen Program. She is also co-author of "Clean Kitchen: The Cookbook," which was created to assist our members by providing simple and healthy recipes that follow our habit based program.

My favorite thing about Clean Kitchen is the freedom you feel once you’ve mastered these easy habits. For years I struggled with my nutrition and would yoyo though life and events. If I went on vacation and let loose I would feel so much shame and guilt when I got home which would lead to under eating or binge eating. Now that I have developed a healthy relationship with food I never stress. When I want to splurge I do. I enjoy myself and then move forward. Even after my babies and the 50lbs I gained with each… I never stressed about the weight coming off because I was now equipped with all the tools to get me back on track.”

Kellar lives in Hattiesburg, MS with her husband, Steve, and two kids, Ryan and Kalyn. She has been an athlete all her life and couldn’t see herself doing anything other than Versus. She loves spending time with her family and working out with her friends. A recent cancer survivor, she can tell you first hand that you are stronger than you’d ever imagine. And you can do hard things! She believes taking care of your body and your health should be a priority for everyone. Her life motto is, “One Day At A time.”

Q & A  W I T H  C O A C H   K E L L A R  

Getting to share my gift with our clients and helping them reach their potential.

Post workout. I have never been a big breakfast eater so I normally just have a shake or smoothie. After my workout I am ready to chow down!

Easy… Mexican Lasagna! My favorite foods are Definitely anything Mexican or Italian. I could eat Qdoba every day!