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C O A C H   K A T I E

KATIE GIUST began coaching full-time in 2014, after experiencing the benefits of prioritizing fitness and nutrition in her own life. She began by helping family members and friends, then jumped right in and has been so grateful ever since. As a co-creator of the original CK program and a veteran coach, Katie has had the privilege to work with hundreds of clients through Clean Kitchen. Her mission has always been to help others enjoy life to its fullest by creating healthy nutrition habits and making their fitness a priority.

"While nutrition and fitness are a passion of mine and I enjoy eating healthy foods and working out, I love that those habits enhance my life outside of the kitchen and gym. I have lived on both sides of the fence and I truly believe that, like myself, most people perform better in all life’s roles and enjoy life more when they feel confident. I love seeing clients achieve confidence and enjoy all aspects of their life to the fullest while putting effort into nutrition and fitness habits. The goal is to create a healthier lifestyle and not a drastic, short-term change. I hope that my coaching and Clean Kitchen can help enhance the lives of others looking to make that change."

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah

“ A little progress each day is what it’s all about.”

Katie lives in Sumrall, MS with her husband, Ben, daughter, Austen, and their pup, Bubba Bruce. As a family, they enjoy any activity outdoors, especially in the water, and visiting the beach. When Katie is not working with Clean Kitchen clients, she is coaching an evening class at the Versus West location or training clients through her own business. Her other loves include live music, interior design and good run.

Q & A   W I T H   C O A C H   K A T I E 

My favorite part of coaching is the relationships I build with clients and getting to see the ways that nutrition and fitness impact their lives in positive ways. Clients from years past have become great friends. And, I always pick up new tips and tricks from clients!

Breakfast! I usually work out in the early morning, and I love starting my day off with a big breakfast. That is also the one time of day we are all in the same place at my house and our breakfasts together have become sacred family time.

There are so many I love but I would have to say the Salsa Verde Pork/Chicken or the Mexican Lasagna. I love making a big salad with the salsa verde meat and topping it with peppers, onions, Greek yogurt, guacamole and salsa! My favorite flavor is without a doubt Mexican inspired and I like things SPICY! Peppers and spice go into most meals at our house.