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C O A C H   J E N I 

JENI LEE became a Clean Kitchen coach after she and her husband went through the program. Now they coach together in the ultimate CK-Dream-Team!

Jeni was, and sometimes still is, a picky eater. So she gets where you may be at. Really! It wasn’t until going through the program that she really incorporated plants into her eating lifestyle.

Before CK, she maybe would eat two plants a week! No kidding! And now, while she still doesn’t eat all vegetables, she just feels better if she eats a few plants a day. She knows the value of being pro-active with your health and that is what led her into becoming a CK coach.

“We’re not going to get it perfect everyday. I like to tell my clients that you’re just one meal away from getting back on track. CK gives you the freedom of eating clean 80% of the time and gives you grace of 20% for those times you do want a treat.”

Jeni Lee lives in Hattiesburg, MS and is a wife and mom of two boys. She works full time in healthcare management. She enjoys spending time at the lake, working out, and hanging out with family and friends.

Q & A   W I T H   C O A C H   J E N I 

My favorite moment during a challenge is when I can see the determination and motivation from a client. When they get that this is a lifestyle change...not just a quick fix. When they tell me how much better they feel after fulfilling all their habits. Success looks different for each client. Most clients do lose weight, but so many of them also lose inches, have better skin, sleep better at night, have better mental clarity, and physically feel better. In a world where we always don’t have a lot of control, we can control what we put in our bodies. 

My favorite meal of the day is dinner. I don’t always love figuring out what to cook or actually cooking but it’s the one meal of the day that I don’t feel rushed.

I use garlic to cook with all the time. I’m also a huge fan of J.Olive Co.’s balsamic vinegars and olive oils. They make cooking so easy! So a lot of my meals will incorporate those. My favorite CK recipe is mashup of the CK Mexican lasagna and the CK Enchilada Casserole. I also love the Salmon Cake recipe but I hate fish! So I use shredded chicken instead. It's amazing! Don’t be afraid to play around and adapt recipes to your preferences. That is what I love about CK recipes and our style of coaching—there are no hard rules!