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C O A C H   H O P E

HOPE GUSTAFASON became a CK coach after she went through the Clean Kitchen program and it changed her life! After letting her health take a back seat to everything else in life, including the 4 teenagers, she signed up for CK. If you had asked her before CK if diet was what was holding her back from feeling better about herself and her health she would have said “absolutely not!” It wasn’t until going through the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge program that she was able to be see where she was getting stuck. Read her story here!

“Before CK, there was lots of mindless and stress eating. And now, even though it can still be a battle, I am able to step back and evaluate feelings and goals before grabbing something to feel a short term fix. I know the value of being pro-active and present with your health and that is what led me into becoming a CK coach.

Everyone’s journey to health is different and we all have different struggles. What I love about CK that it is simple truth. It gives you tools to control little things and in controlling little things, big things can start falling into place. In this program you learn to give yourself grace and room to grow. The beauty of 80/20 is YOU get to decide what that looks like and where you want to indulge a little. And if a little turns into a little more than planned — you have the tools to make the next, best decision for yourself and just like that you’re right back on track.”

Hope lives in Hattiesburg, MS and is mom to 4 giant boys. She works full time for Lamar County Schools. She loves the beach, live music, Versus gym, laughing with her boys and spending time with family and friends.

Q & A   W I T H   C O A C H   H O P E 

My favorite moment during a challenge is when I can see clients leaning in when they feel like they have “slipped up” — using the tools and support in CK to keep going when their old habits may have allowed them to quit before. When I get messages celebrating the new things their husbands/children/friends tried and loved — that would have never even been on the table before. And when success not only come in the form of numbers on the scale, but in new mindsets, better bloodwork results, and more self-love — all those things the scale doesn’t tell us. This journey looks so different for everyone, and I really love seeing how each client comes into what is most important for them. (It’s often not what they initially thought at the beginning.) 

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Especially when it involves a slow start to the day — which is rare for me. But even if it’s a warmed up frittata and a piece of fruit w/ a cup of coffee and a quiet minute at my desk —- there is just something wonderful about it.

My favorite food influencer: pink sea salt, crushed garlic and oils & balsamic s from J. Olive — all of those things can help pack big flavor with little effort. My favorite CK recipe is the Red Pasta Sauce AND the Protein Fruit Dip. That sauce is everything! For me, having flavors I love makes all the difference and this sauce can be tweaked to be extra garlicky or a little on the sweet side and it makes everything you put under it delicious! And as someone who struggles a bit with that dreaded sweet tooth, the fruit dip gives me that sweet treat I crave and doesn’t derail me.