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You are a person who believes in our mission. You share our CK content relentlessly in hopes to inspire others to enroll in the CK Challenge. You believe everyone should just learn to EAT, rather than looking for the next fast gimmick. You have experienced how simple habit changes can lead to big results in the CK Challenge. 

But not everyone has benefited from the CK Challenge... yet. YOU can help with that!

You can become a member of the CK Affiliate Team and help us grow our message and program, while making a little cash for yourself! SCORE!

Follow the steps below to set up your Fervora Account and start earning some money with your personalized Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge enrollment link!

Step 1: Create A Fervora Account at https://www.fervora.com/

Step 2: Click the heart beside "CK Challenge" on the "Getting started: Choose a brand to promote" page

Step 3:  Create your own hashtag to use

Step 4: See our payouts for enrollments

Step 5: Share your affiliate link and earn commissions on enrollments!