Knowing vs Doing


By Leah Ingram, Fall 2016 CK Client

Twenty some odd years ago, I earned a degree in exercise physiology and various fitness and nutrition specialist certifications in the months and years following.  I have since moved on to a new profession but have always kept some semblance of fitness and tried to follow somewhat healthy eating habits. I have even facilitated weight loss challenges through the years for friends and co-workers. The reason I mention that is because even though I thought I knew what I should be doing, I was about to learn that what I knew wasn’t nearly enough.

When my friend told me about Clean Kitchen, my first thought was no way am I paying someone that much money to tell me what I already know. But then I started thinking about my current state of health…I was taking medicine for reflux and everything I was eating seemed to make me suffer, I was barely engaging in any activity because I was always so exhausted that no amount of caffeine could sustain me, and I had gained twenty pounds which required an entirely new wardrobe (this would not have been bad except I had to move up 2 sizes to be comfortable).

With all of this in mind, I signed up.  Twelve weeks later, I can easily say that the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge is one of the best investments I have ever made. When I saw my first set of progress pictures, I was shocked to see the difference and it made me want to keep getting better!  Today, I tipped the scales at 14lbs lighter, I stopped taking reflux medicine about 8 weeks in, got back into my old wardrobe just in time for a new season (saved money on a new winter wardrobe), and my entire family is eating lean and green!!

I am thankful to Clean Kitchen for giving me the tools I need to get back to my best self…great habits, great recipes, and a great support system through coaches and clients, both past and present.

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