How To Chop an Onion



Ever wanted to have awesome knife skills in the kitchen? Well, I took a Knife Skills 101 cooking lesson a few years back and it has served me well! Here is a tip on how to chop an onion and get a fine chop on it. Below is a video demo of the technique and step by step written instructions with pictures.

First up, you need a really sharp knife. Any chef knife will do, but has to be sharp. For example, I LOVE my ceramic knife. I never have to sharpen it and I have had this one for over 5 years! It does have a battle wound though…please excuse the chip.
Step 1: Cut one end as a flat side. Not the root end. You need to keep the root intact to hold the onion slices together…thats later.
Step 2: Cut entire onion in half. Peel off outer skin.


Step 3: Working with one half of onion, start on one side of onion, and line up the center of your knife blade on the first natural line of the onion. Use these onion lines as a guide to where you will make each cut. I start on the right side and work my way around in a rainbow.

To make the cut, push the blade down and slice/pull towards you at the same time, making sure you do not cut the onion slices from the root. The down and pull slice will keep it intact. Follow the onion lines and make a “rainbow” of slices (try to always end in the center of the onion, if that makes more sense.)



Step 4: Turn onion to make horizontal cuts. This is where you can go as thin as you want if you have a really sharp knife. Vertical slices should be held together by root of onion.




Now, want some recipes you could use that freshly chopped up onion for? Check out this fantastic recipe for buffalo chicken cakes!

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