CK is not a “Diet” Program


I have never thought of losing weight and getting healthy as an easy or fun task until my experience with Versus Clean Kitchen.  In my long history of finding the magic weigh loss program, I found most required immediate drastic change into a healthy lifestyle which never lasted more than 2 months.  What I needed to be successful was a slow and steady transition into creating healthy habits.  This is exactly what Clean Kitchen offered and why I was comfortable and successful throughout the 12 weeks. Each week built upon the previous which provided structure and sensibility.

I was a little skeptical of the online format at first simply because I thought I needed face-to-face interaction in order to remain accountable.  The online format proved to be easy and very user-friendly.  I was able to communicate with my coach when I needed extra support and she always responded in less than a day.  In fact, most of us have such busy schedules that I am not sure if having to meet would be more stressful than having the online format available.

The daily emails provided support and reinforced the reasoning and science behind the weekly habits.  There were mornings when I would wake up not feeling it and then the email would come in and completely change my perspective on the day.

There have been times when life was challenging during the 12 weeks and I wanted to grab for the comfort food but instead went for a walk until the craving past.  Now those cravings are much less and I can tell my entire relationship with food is much more positive and healthy.  I absolutely loved my experience with Coach Kellar and CK . I am so impressed with the ease and sensibility of the program.

-Leslie LaVergne, CK Summer 2016

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