Changing my life, saved my life.


By Will Easterling

About mid-way through the Clean Kitchen 12 week challenge, it hit me. I realized at that point in time, that Clean Kitchen didn’t just “change” my life in so many positive ways, I began looking at CK as “saving” my life. I began to realize how much this program was going to positively affect the quality of my life and actually help lead to a longer life as well. And by living a longer, healthier life, I thought about how many more great memories I will have now have spending time with my family and doing all the things I love to do. I realized that the nutritional habits we create today not only affect us in the short-term, but they most likely have even greater long-term affects.

“I came to a point where I wanted to make sustainable changes, but I didn’t know how. There are too many “diets” out there promising “this and that” which made the change I desired and needed way too confusing. So for years, I chose to do nothing.”

My Life Before CK

Before CK, I was exercising regularly and thought as long as I was relatively active I could just get through life without any major health issues so proper nutrition wasn’t really on my radar. And the few times in my past that it was on my radar, I would just go on a quick diet and drop some weight only to put it right back on. That is no way to live a full, rich life! This spring, I realized that in January 2018, I will turn 50 years old! That was my “wake up call” and I knew the clock was ticking and I needed to do things differently. But, I was stuck! I came to a point where I wanted to make sustainable changes, but I didn’t know how. There are too many “diets” out there promising “this and that” which made the change I desired and needed way too confusing. So for years, I chose to do nothing. After all, I thought doing nothing was better than doing the wrong thing. This replayed itself over, and over, and over in my mind.

My CK Challenge Journey

This mindset all changed when I found Clean Kitchen. When I first heard about the CK Challenge, I began to read extensively about the fundamentals of the CK program, the coaches, prior success stories, and anything else I could get my hands on about CK. I am pretty analytical by nature and I was hoping this would be the answer I had been looking for. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

The Clean Kitchen challenge truly is a program built on awareness, education, execution, support, and yes, even accountability. The web based program was super easy to follow with daily lessons, recipes, assignments, and habit checklists. And the CK cookbook was a wonderful supplement to the program! It is filled with many very tasty recipes to help you meet all the right habits! The lessons were also very helpful. I was amazed at how strategically they are planned so that I was given the right information at exactly the right time. This definitely isn’t a program that hits you with everything at once and then you struggle with information overload and feeling overwhelmed.

In addition to the program material, one of the best aspects of the Clean Kitchen program is the personal coach who is assigned to you. Bottom line, their goal is to help you achieve your goal! All of the coaches were extremely supportive by sharing their own experiences and knowledge so unselfishly throughout the entire program.

What I Learned

As I already mentioned, before Clean Kitchen I was lacking the knowledge about the healthy habits needed in order to make a sustainable change. I was craving information. Over the past 12 weeks, I have learned so many things I can now use to make the right decisions for my body. I learned that developing the right habits were necessary for sustainable change, but more importantly, I learned exactly how to integrate the habits into my lifestyle. With the help of daily lessons and weekly assignments, I was able to practice and reinforce the habits, which all now feel second nature. These habits include making better food choices, drinking more water, taking a daily multivitamin and fish oil supplement, eating proteins and plants at every meal, and being more physically active. These are habits that everyone can implement and achieve what you may think is impossible.

My Results


BEFORE: October 2016  |  AFTER: August 5, 2017 and 40 pounds lighter!

During the Clean Kitchen 12 Week program, so many positive changes have happened to me both internally and externally. Not only did I achieve a weight loss of 40 pounds, lose 34 inches and 7% body fat, but I also now have so much more energy than I have had in years. My total cholesterol went from 195 to 151, LDL from 143 to 97, HDL improved from 28 to 33, and Triglycerides from 119 to 104. Improvements in all metrics! Extremely happy with my bad cholesterol improvement of 46 mg/dl. Yippee!!!!! I honestly can’t even remember when I have felt this good. I no longer hit the snooze button on my alarm clock and have to convince myself to get out of bed. I now wake up before the alarm, and I’m ready to go. And even better, I no longer suffer from sugar highs and crashes throughout the day! Clean Kitchen has given me a new outlook on life and how I am in control of my decisions. For that, I will be forever grateful.

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