multiple recipes from the same ingredients


We like to make things simple around here. Because the first rule in eating cleaner foods is to make them easy access. The majority of our recipes are not complicated. As long as you have a well stocked spice cabinet, you can fix pretty much any of our CK recipes with a quick trip to the store for some fresh foods. In some cases, you can even make multiple recipes from the same ingredients.

The less complicated the better, especially for those just starting on this new journey of eating whole foods!

Another strategy we like to use is cooking in bulk, to use in later meals throughout the week. Sometimes even buying in bulk can save you money at the store. If meat or produce are on sale, think of two ways to use it! The meat you want is sold out? Just use a different kind! You can also substitute with chicken in these recipes. Clean Kitchen is all about getting you thinking of ways to make the planning process easier. This will go a long way in sticking with the plan.

Here are two recipes that use pretty much the same ingredients.

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9 Easy Spice Blends


Here at Clean Kitchen, our spice cabinet is extensive! It has been through trial and error (with lots of error), that we have grown comfortable using a number of spices in recipes on a whim. Using spices and herbs are where the flavor comes alive in any meal. Learn how to use them and with easy spice blends, you can make any clean meal taste like a flavor bomb!

We found this handy visual list of spice combinations you can use to flavor any protein or veggie. Feel like having Greek flavors tonight? Indian? Mexican? (Thanks for the picture Women’s Health!)


Asian spices are not listed, but 5 Spice Powder, ginger, sesame seed oil, sesame seeds, salt, soy sauce or Coconut Aminos (soy sauce substitution), rice vinegar, hot pepper flakes, lemon are all common.

Need a little zing or bright “pop” in a dish?

Try some acidity! You can use any citrus juice like lime, lemon or orange. Vinegar also works very well. Some include apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, and rice vinegar. *If we are testing a new recipe, we like to use small portions of the cooked meal to see if a certain spice or vinegar will help the dish, rather than ruining the whole dish if it does not work! 

We challenge you to pick 2 nights this week and use 2 different spice blends for the two meals cooked! Need some examples? Take a look at this recipe for spaghetti sauce, and this recipe for a delicious enchilada bell pepper.  Happy cooking!

How To Chop an Onion



Ever wanted to have awesome knife skills in the kitchen? Well, I took a Knife Skills 101 cooking lesson a few years back and it has served me well! Here is a tip on how to chop an onion and get a fine chop on it. Below is a video demo of the technique and step by step written instructions with pictures.

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