Hand Size Portion Control


In Clean Kitchen, we do not count calories. Because when people eat, we are not looking at our plate knowing exactly how many “calories” we are eating. We eat portions of food, not counted out macronutrients. No calculators, no adding up your macros. Just simply use you hand size as your guide to portion control.

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My First Bone Broth


Bone broth is getting super popular. I’ll admit, I never really gave it much thought until recently when a Clean Kitchen client, Carly, asked me if I had any good soup recipes. Carly was in the middle of the CK 12 Week Challenge and about to have a procedure where her recovery required her not to eat solid food for 2 weeks! Talk about a doozy right smack in the middle of her 12 Week Challenge. It was just what I needed to to get inspired. Carly, just so you know, you inspired me to think outside my comfort zone and dig a little deeper into making clean eating work, even when faced with a “mush diet.”

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Cheap Week Meal Plan: $2.10 per meal


This was a meal prep menu built strictly for one purpose. Get it done cheap. Healthy eating is for EVERYONE. Not just for those who have the perfect meal plan or the means to buy the freshest, specialty ingredients. Keep reading. You can also download the full meal prep menu, recipes and grocery list at the end of the article! BOOM!

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Lifestyle Habit #3: Eat More Protein


Clean Kitchen has 4 Big Lifestyle Habits we teach in our 12 week program.

Habit #1 is Drink More Water.
Habit #2 is Eat More Plants.
Lifestyle Habit #3 is … Eat a protein serving in every meal.

One of our goals in the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge is to get you in the habit of eating a protein serving in every meal, including snacks.

How much protein should you eat?
Do not worry about counting grams just yet. First you have to get in the habit of choosing protein in a correct portion size. We like to use our hand as a portion size guide. Look at your hand and thickness. Use this as your portion guide for every meal you eat!

WOMEN: One palm size portion
MEN: Two palm size portions

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#2 Lifestyle Habit: Eat more plants!


Your diet is most likely acidic.

Without realizing it you probably eat lots of Acidic forming foods:

  • protein
  • processed foods
  • grains
  • dairy

This is bad if your goal is to change your body—AND if you do not eat much of fruits and veggies.

You need to eat more plants—alkaline-forming foods to buffer all that acid in your body!

Eating a diet high in acidic food without eating alkaline-forming foods (fruit and veggies) will result in:

  • muscle loss – no matter how much protein you eat
  • bone loss – no matter how much extra calcium you try to supplement
  • decreased performance in your workouts

Simply put, without eating plants your body composition will not change like you want it to. Your body will not function like you need it to to burn fat or build muscle.

Plants offer our bodies nutrients of vitamins and minerals we can not get else where. Even if you take supplements, nothing compares to real food. So eat up those plants!

Where can I start?

Easy. It starts with setting a new habit. Just pick a plant you want to try. Eat that plant everyday, one serving per day will do, for 2 weeks. Then add another to the menu for the next two weeks. Start small and build from there!

An apple a day is a great place to start.

Check out more info in this article from Precision Nutrition, “All About Dietary Acids and Bases” by Ryan Andrews, and why this is very important to your health. Great read!

#1 Lifestyle Habit: Drink more water


During the 12 Week Clean Kitchen Challenge, we teach you how to apply simple daily lifestyle habits that will get you to your goals. We have our “Four BIG Habits,” which we consider to be the core of a healthy life. First up, you need more water.

This very simple habit, that can cripple the best of us. If you are thirsty reading this, stop now, go fill up a glass of water, then continue reading.

Drinking more water is not just one of the Clean Kitchen 4 BIG Habits, it is the number one, most important habit of them all. You do not have an option, you will literally die without water!! Well not immediately anyway. So before we get that desperate, let’s knock dehydration in the teeth and amp up that water consumption!

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Same ingredients, 2 recipes


We like to make things simple around here. Because the first rule in eating cleaner foods is to make them easy access. The majority of our recipes are not complicated. As long as you have a well stocked spice cabinet, you can fix pretty much any of our CK recipes with a quick trip to the store for some fresh foods.

The less complicated the better, especially for those just starting on this new journey of eating whole foods!

Another strategy we like to use is cooking in bulk, to use in later meals throughout the week. Sometimes even buying in bulk can save you money at the store. If meat or produce are on sale, think of two ways to use it! The meat you want is sold out? Just use a different kind! You can also substitute with chicken in these recipes. Clean Kitchen is all about getting you thinking of ways to make the planning process easier. This will go a long way in sticking with the plan.

Here are two recipes that use pretty much the same ingredients.

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